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Hello world!

Why, hello there!  While I was taking an introductory digital photography class, someone mentioned that I have an eye for things.  That is, I somehow have a knack for framing a picture that has that artistic edge.  That’s where the title of this blog comes from.



So I saw “Macross:  Do You Remember Love?” last night for the umpteenth time.  I’ve been on a Macross/Robotech craze/resurgence recently, primarily because Japanese toymaker Yamato has been releasing some really great replicas of mecha from both the movie and the Robotech TV series.

Last night, I appreciated the movie even more, in terms of character development and storyline.  It’s probably because I recently saw Disney/Pixar’s “Up”, and was totally impressed with how in a span of ten minutes, “Up” tells the story of the main character’s relationship with his wife, primarily through visual sequences with very little dialogue.  Macross also has several visual sequences that tell a lot about a character, or the story.  For example, the sequence where Hikaru and Minmei are on their first date is entirely without dialogue (except for the beginning where Hikaru tells Minmei he’s going to take her out on the town), and shows the two of them just having fun.  The sequence has a dose of comedy when Hikaru points to a motel, and Minmei shows her dissatisfaction with the suggestion, and pushes him onward.

What I also like about the storyline is that it has overarching/background themes.  For example, there’s a parallel to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of whose premises is that the human race landed on Earth many years ago.  In Macross, the ancestors of the Zentradi, Meltran, and the human race actually all descended from the same race of people, called the “Protoculture”.  The Protoculture used genetic engineering to create the Zentradi and Meltran, but when they realized they created two cultures that only fought against each other, they retreated to Earth.  The main human characters of Macross, are directly impacted by this backdrop of history.