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Macross Frontier Concert: “Galaxy Final Tour in Budokan”

On November 5th, 2008, May’n and Megumi Nakajima performed the “Galaxy Final Tour” in the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.  This concert was beautifully recorded, and spans 2 DVD’s.

The first disc contains the main concert, and has 167 minutes of footage.  The second disc contains the encore presentation, plus footage of a rehearsal and excerpts on the concert day, and has 63 minutes of Macross goodness.  Here’s the track listing:

Not only did I enjoy Megumi and May’n’s performances, but the crowd was amazing too–so much energy!  Watching this DVD is almost like being there..

May'n (sings Sheryl Nome's songs)


Megumi Nakajima (sings Ranka Lee's songs)

Megumi sings Minmay's hit song, Ai Oboete Imasu ka

There’s even a guest appearance by the voice actors who played Alto, Michael/Michel, and Bobby!

Alto's voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura

Michael/Michel voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya

Voice actor for Bobby (Macross Quarter guy with big hair), Kenta Miyake

At the end of the concert, the entire cast of Macross Frontier, including director/writer/creator Shoji Kawamori, appear on the stage!

Cast of Macross Frontier

Shoji also gives a bouquet of flowers to Megumi and May’n.

The high-energy crowd is amazing, as I mentioned before!

The cheering crowd!

If you’re a die-hard Macross fan, you have to see this concert!  It’s amazing to see the songs being sung/performed by the actual artists.

Bandai’s 1/60 DX Chogokin VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

The first Macross Frontier movie is out in Japan, released 11/21/09!  Bandai is making the toys.  No Yamato’s yet, unfortunately.  Today, we’re going to have a look at the 1/60-scale  DX Chogokin VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom!

CollectionDX and Wizartar have some great reviews on the 1/60 DX Chogokin line of Bandai Macross Frontier toys.  This one has the color scheme from the movie, Macross Frontier:  The False Songstress.  In my opinion, the toy looks great!  However, it does have some flaws.  First, it’s not as “tight” as the Yamato valkyries.  By “not tight”, I mean, the plastic pieces don’t quite fit as nicely as the pieces on the Yamato.  The plastic pieces hinges tend to be loose, especially the plastic pieces that allow you to fold the small fin on the leg into the calf.  The laser antenna on the head are also made of a soft plastic, and on my toy, one of the antenna is crooked (bends in an arc).

One difference between the VF-25F and the Yamato 1/60 valkyries is that the Alto pilot figure is not removable, whereas in all the Yamato valkyries, the pilot is removable.

Close-up of Alto pilot figure

The armor and boosters really make the valkyrie in fighter mode look great from the rear:

How does the VF-25F compare with a 1/60 Yamato valkyrie?  Well, the VF-25F is longer and wider:

VF-25F Alto compared with a VF-1J Hikaru

Also notice that the VF-25F’s gunpod is longer and skinnier than the VF-1J’s. In addition, the VF-25F’s gunpod is made of a softer plastic.  The Yamato gunpod definitely feels more solid.

I really wonder how much effort Yamato put into making the second-generation 1/60 valkyries “tight”.  Everything fits together close and tight on a Yamato–the landing gear doors, the legs, the arms, and the missiles.  Shake a 1/60 Yamato valkyrie, and you won’t hear anything rattling, except if you have the gunpod mounted to the arm(s).  Shake the VF-25F, and you’ll hear something rattling.

Macross Figure Collection: Minmei Special

CM’s Corporation made a series of Macross figures, Parts 1, 2, and 3, and a Minmay Special collection.  The figures were sold as gashapon, which are capsule toys sold in vending machines.  The box containing each figure is the same, so you don’t know which one you’re going to get.  Today, we’re going to have a look at the Minmay Special collection, which can be bought as a set of 12 boxes, so you’re pretty sure you’ll get all the figures.  Here’s a look at the six figures in the collection:

In the final battle in Macross the movie, Minmay is wearing a beautiful pink dress:

Here’s Minmay sitting at a desk, which has a Chinese red/black color theme.

Here’s a Minmay doll.

There’s even an on/off switch on the back of the doll!

At the beginning of Macross the movie, Minmay is in the middle of a concert.

Here’s the figure.  Note Minmay’s gladiator-style shoes, which are in fashion nowadays among Hollywood actresses!  However, her hair and dress don’t quite match her appearance in the movie.  The corresponding figure in Part 3 of the collection is a much better replica–we’ll look at Part 3 later.

Near the end of Macross the movie, Minmay accepts song lyrics from Hikaru, and she’s wearing a red dress and black boots:

In Robotech/Macross TV series, in Episode 6 “Blitzkrieg”, Rick and Minmay have their picture taken on the night before Rick goes into battle.

Here’s the replica of this picture!

Yamato’s GN-U Dou Macross VF-1J

Yamato has a line of smaller scale but more highly articulated robot action figures called “GN-U Dou”, “GN-U” meaning “brave band of warriors” and “Dou” meaning “movement”.  Whereas Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line of highly articulated robots are designed with ball joints, Yamato’s GN-U Dou robots have hinge joints held together with a metal pin:


Kaiyodo's Revoltech ball joint


Yamato's hinge joints, held together with a metal pin

These pictures are close-ups of the elbow joints from the Kaiyodo Revoltech VF-1J and the Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J.


Revoltech VF-1J on the left, Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J on the right

In my opinion, the proportional sizes of parts on the Yamato look better than those of the Revoltech.  The Revoltech’s parts look a little squished.  In the picture above, notice that the Revoltech VF-1J has a smooth texture and pudgy parts from what looks like a thick coat of paint.  I wonder if this thick coat of paint or PVC is what causes the Revoltech to have a nasty odor?  In contrast, the Yamato VF-1J has no odor.

The Revoltech is slightly shorter than the Yamato in overall height.  In addition, the Revoltech’s gunpod also looks a little short, whereas the Yamato’s gunpod looks slightly long.


Gunpod comparison

The backpack is another comparison point.


Revoltech VF-1J on left, Yamato VF-1J on the right. The Revoltech's backpack looks too squarish.

Finally, let’s put these two VF-1J’s next to the Yamato 1/60 Macross VF-1J with Super Parts.


Left to right: Revoltech VF-1J, Yamato 1/60 VF-1J, Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J

In closing, although the Revoltech VF-1J comes with Super parts, its proportions and odor make it, in my opinion, less desirable than the Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J.  What do you think?

Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1J Maximilian Jenius and Millia with Super Parts

“Max!  Bodolza is attacking us!  We should get out of our wedding clothes!”


“Yes, Honey!”


“I’m getting in my fighter.  Are you in yours, Honey?”


“I’m right behind you, Max!”


“VT-202 moving out!”


“VT-303 moving out!”



“We’re going to the specified coordinates!”



Gray Macross Display Stand’s Joints Bend Under Heavy Weight

Putting a vanilla Yamato veritech on the gray display stand is fine, but when I put a veritech with Super Parts on the stand, the support arm sometimes bends under the weight.  Since the black display stand with the matte finish offers more friction in the support arm joints, it holds heavier veritechs much better.  I recommend that you get the black display stand instead of the gray one, unless you really, really want the black and yellow stripes, and the color of the stand to match the color of the connectors!

Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1D Virgin Road

In the Robotech/Macross TV series, episode 25, “Virgin Road” (aka “Wedding Bells” in Robotech), Max and Miriya get married!


Their wedding craft is a VF-1D double-seater with Max’s blue color theme!


Max and Miriya flying down the aisle!

Now, for a re-enactment!


Yes, you guessed it!  Yamato released a replica of Max and Miriya’s wedding plane!

The box is quite simple, and has no cover flap.


Front view of box for VF-1D Virgin Road


Back of the box

Max’s blue paint theme with white contrasts is quite eye-catching.


This VF-1D comes with mini Max and Miriya figures, dressed in their white wedding clothes.


Close-up of Max figure. Yamato even painted in the strand of hair that hangs between Max's eyes!


Miriya in her wedding gown

This VF-1D also comes with a gunpod, 3-pack missiles, and the 5-pack case missiles.