Yamato’s Gray Macross Display Stand for Valkyrie

All right, so I caved in and bought a gray Macross display stand!  The mold is the same as the black and silver versions, but this gray stand is more similar to the black stand, in regards to weight and overall feel.  And it has the yellow and black stripes!


Box for gray display stand on the left, black display stand box on the right


Rear view of boxes for gray display stand (left) and black display stand (right)

The major difference between the gray and black stands is that the gray one has a glossy finish, whereas the black one has a matte finish.  As a result, the gray stand looks shinier, and it’s also easier to detach and re-attach the four support arms.


Top views of the display stand bases

Now here’s a bottom view of the bases.  Note that the “filler” base is the same plastic, and this filler gives the base the majority of its weight.


Bottom view of gray stand base (left) and black stand base (right)

Here’s how the stands look with the arms inserted into the bases:


Gray and black display stands, arms attached to bases

See the little square peg in the lower right-hand corner of the base?  You can remove the four support arms and attach them to the peg:


Gray and black display stands, four support arms detached

The same shade of gray is used for the connectors to the valkyries (please see previous post).

I know I could’ve painted over the gray and white stripes on the black display stand, but oh well!



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