Yamato’s GN-U Dou Macross VF-1J

Yamato has a line of smaller scale but more highly articulated robot action figures called “GN-U Dou”, “GN-U” meaning “brave band of warriors” and “Dou” meaning “movement”.  Whereas Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line of highly articulated robots are designed with ball joints, Yamato’s GN-U Dou robots have hinge joints held together with a metal pin:


Kaiyodo's Revoltech ball joint


Yamato's hinge joints, held together with a metal pin

These pictures are close-ups of the elbow joints from the Kaiyodo Revoltech VF-1J and the Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J.


Revoltech VF-1J on the left, Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J on the right

In my opinion, the proportional sizes of parts on the Yamato look better than those of the Revoltech.  The Revoltech’s parts look a little squished.  In the picture above, notice that the Revoltech VF-1J has a smooth texture and pudgy parts from what looks like a thick coat of paint.  I wonder if this thick coat of paint or PVC is what causes the Revoltech to have a nasty odor?  In contrast, the Yamato VF-1J has no odor.

The Revoltech is slightly shorter than the Yamato in overall height.  In addition, the Revoltech’s gunpod also looks a little short, whereas the Yamato’s gunpod looks slightly long.


Gunpod comparison

The backpack is another comparison point.


Revoltech VF-1J on left, Yamato VF-1J on the right. The Revoltech's backpack looks too squarish.

Finally, let’s put these two VF-1J’s next to the Yamato 1/60 Macross VF-1J with Super Parts.


Left to right: Revoltech VF-1J, Yamato 1/60 VF-1J, Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J

In closing, although the Revoltech VF-1J comes with Super parts, its proportions and odor make it, in my opinion, less desirable than the Yamato GN-U Dou VF-1J.  What do you think?


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