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Bandai’s VF-25F Super Messiah Alto Custom: Robot Spirits Series

In Bandai’s Robot Spirits series of toys, there’s the VF-25F Super Messiah Alto Custom!

Front view of box

Rear view of the box

This toy comes with Super parts, including two missile pods on the shoulders.

This toy is not transformable, and is only 5 1/8″ tall.  The armor parts clip/snap on to the base battloid.  The back section above with the wings snaps onto the body using only one small notch, which is right below the back of the neck.  The missile pods open up, and you can see some neat red missile tips.

Let’s look at how tall this toy is relative to the Yamato GNU Dou VF-1J and the Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Max TV Type.

Yamato GNU-Dou VF-1J, Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Max TV Type, and Bandai VF-25F Super Messiah Alto Custom

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”  Heh.  I’m personally biased towards the 1/60 Yamato’s because they’re a good size, they’re extremely sturdy, and they have no nasty plastic odors.  In contrast, besides the VF-25F’s height, here’s what I don’t like about the toy:

  • It has a nasty plastic odor.
  • The armor parts aren’t very tightly attached.  Also, when I attached the shoulder missile pods, the back fell off.
  • The gunpod doesn’t open up like the one in the DX Chogokin 1/60 toy.
  • The laser antenna on the head do not pivot.

Something else just occurred to me:  because the head is wider than it is tall, and because the head is so flat, plus the fact that there are two antenna that point slightly outward, what type of insect does the head remind you of?

IKEA sale: Detolf Display Case for $19.99 Tue 12/29/09 only!

For those of you who’ve been thinking of getting the Detolf display case to house your Macross goodies, Ikea is having a sale on it this Tuesday 12/29/2009.  Only $19.99 (limit one per customer), regularly $59!

CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection Part 3

Here’s Part 3 of CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection!

We have a lot of Max fans out there–this collection doesn’t disappoint:  here’s Max in a DYRL flight/space suit!

Then from one of my earlier posts, Max in his Zentraedi-size flight suit!

Now here’s Minmay from her first concert in DYRL, and here, CM’s corrected the hairstyle in the corresponding figure in the Minmay Special collection.

From Macross Plus, here’s Isamu, in his signature pose, where he mimics a veritech fighter with his hand!

Here’s Sammie Porter, one of the SDF-1 bridge bunnies.

Finally, from Macross 7, we have the “Girl with Flowers”.

Yamato 1/60 Macross VF-1A Maximilian Jenius TV Type: How to Insert the Display Stand Connector

Hugo, here are pages 29 and 31 from the VF-1A Maximilian Jenius TV Type manual.

And here’s page 31.

CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection: Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection!

First, we have Misa (Lisa in Robotech) in uniform.

Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes in Robotech)

Then there’s Roy in a DYRL space suit.

Roy’s hair is detachable, so you can attach his helmet.

Here’s Minmay sitting at a desk.  This one is the same as the one in the Minmay Special, but Minmay’s hair is blue instead of black.

There are several items on her desk–nice touch!

Here’s Roy in his VF-1S cockpit.

From Macross Zero, here’s Sara Nome.

Finally, from Macross 7, here’s Basara with his guitar.

CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection: Part 1

CM’s Corporation has a 3-part gashapon Macross Figure Collection.  Here’s Part 1.

Hikaru Ichijo in DYRL Pilot Suit

Close-up of Hikaru Ichijo

Ishtar from Macross II

Macross II wasn’t as popular as the original Macross.  In my opinion, the characters and storyline were weak:  a reporter helps out an alien songstress.

Minmay in her final concert. Unlike the figure from the Minmay Special collection which has black hair, this one has blue hair

Mao Nome from Macross Zero

Mylene Jenius from Macross 7. She's holding a guitar.

Minmay doll with red dress. There's a switch on her back, too, just like the doll from the Minmay Special collection

These figures look great, but if you get them, I recommend getting a sealed display case because these figures have a nasty plastic odor.

Bandai’s Queadluun Rare (Rau) Klan Klang Custom

Miriya’s red Queadluun-Rau from the Macross DYRL movie is one of the most memorable mechas.  In Macross Frontier, the Zentradi Klan Klang pilots a red Queadluun-Rau!

Klan Klang's Queadluun-Rau in Macross Frontier's Episode 4

Klan Klang's Queadluun-Rau in the Macross Quarter

Bandai has a toy replica, which is 12.5cm tall (4.9 inches), as part of the Robot Damashii / Robot Spirits line!


One sheet of instructions

There is a pilot figure of Klan Klang inside!

Close-up of Klan Klang pilot figure (she's not removable)

Klan Klang in her pilot suit looks like she did in the Macross Frontier TV series.

The missile pods on the shoulders have a cover that can open and close.  In contrast, the missile pods on the legs come with removable covers, one open and one closed.

Shoulder missile pod

Two sets of leg missile pod covers

The back of the Q-R looks pretty much the same as the back of the Q-R from DYRL, except Klan Klang’s Q-R has a big cannon and two red thingies on the shoulders.

Rear view of the Queadluun-Rau

Another difference between Klan Klang’s Q-R and Miriya’s Q-R is that Klan Klang’s Q-R’s arm guns  stick out way much more than Miriya’s, but this is how the guns appear in Macross Frontier.

Finally, how big is this Q-R relative to Yamato’s Q-R?

Yamato's Queadluun-Rau next to Bandai's

Bandai’s is much shorter!  No scale is given on the box, unfortunately.  And one last note, the Bandai Q-R has a nasty odor, but it’s not as strong as what you’ll find with the Revoltechs.

Macross Frontier Galaxy Tour Final: May’n is wearing fold crystal earring!

In the Galaxy Tour Final concert, May’n is wearing the fold crystal earring that Sheryl Nome wears!