Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection Part 3

Here’s Part 3 of CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection!

We have a lot of Max fans out there–this collection doesn’t disappoint:  here’s Max in a DYRL flight/space suit!

Then from one of my earlier posts, Max in his Zentraedi-size flight suit!

Now here’s Minmay from her first concert in DYRL, and here, CM’s corrected the hairstyle in the corresponding figure in the Minmay Special collection.

From Macross Plus, here’s Isamu, in his signature pose, where he mimics a veritech fighter with his hand!

Here’s Sammie Porter, one of the SDF-1 bridge bunnies.

Finally, from Macross 7, we have the “Girl with Flowers”.

Yamato 1/60 Macross VF-1A Maximilian Jenius TV Type: How to Insert the Display Stand Connector

Hugo, here are pages 29 and 31 from the VF-1A Maximilian Jenius TV Type manual.

And here’s page 31.