CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection Part 3

Here’s Part 3 of CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection!

We have a lot of Max fans out there–this collection doesn’t disappoint:  here’s Max in a DYRL flight/space suit!

Then from one of my earlier posts, Max in his Zentraedi-size flight suit!

Now here’s Minmay from her first concert in DYRL, and here, CM’s corrected the hairstyle in the corresponding figure in the Minmay Special collection.

From Macross Plus, here’s Isamu, in his signature pose, where he mimics a veritech fighter with his hand!

Here’s Sammie Porter, one of the SDF-1 bridge bunnies.

Finally, from Macross 7, we have the “Girl with Flowers”.

4 responses to “CM’s Corporation’s Macross Figure Collection Part 3

  1. Nice Collection!

    I’ve been looking for the Max in the valkyrie flight suit in your first pic. May I ask where you bought it?

    • Sure, I got it from Hobby Link Japan: — it’s in stock now, too! Keep in mind these are gashapon figures. You’re not guaranteed to get the Max figure (it’s the special item in this collection), but with a box of 12 figures and only 7 possibilities, you have a good chance of getting it. If you’re looking for a sure thing, I’d say look on Ebay.

  2. Thanks for the info!

    I had ordered it from HLJ as well just before Christmas…but unfortunately, the box I received contained 2 figures of Max in Zentradi uniform…maybe I should try again…

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