Yamato’s 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo with Armor Parts!

Yamato just released their 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo with Armor Parts!

The box comes with two plastic encasings that fit one on top of the other.  Because there’s some overlap, the depth of the box is not quite twice the height of each plastic encasing.  For comparison, here’s the side view of the box next to the box for a VF-1A.

The actual toy is beautifully painted!


At 8 minutes and 57 seconds into DYRL, we see this armored beast for the first and only time!

The missile tips in DYRL are green!  In the TV series (Episode 9, Miss Macross), they’re white!

So how does the 1/60 stack up to the 1/48?

  • Perhaps the largest difference is that the missiles in the 1/48 toy are removable, whereas in the 1/60, they are not.
  • The boosters on the shoulders are gray on the 1/48, and are gold on the 1/60.
  • The gunpod in the 1/48 comes with a strap, whereas the 1/60 does not (although we know that none of the 1/60 valkyries have a gun strap).
  • The armor on the 1/60 is a darker purple than that on the 1/48.
  • The 1/48 comes with DYRL hands (the ones with the black joints and flat fingertips), whereas the 1/60’s hands are all white with round fingertips, as in the TV series.  In addition, the 1/60’s hands are slightly larger than the normal hands that come with a 1/60 valkyrie.
  • The 1/60’s head’s eye is a darker green than the 1/48’s.  Update 4/7/10: Also, the eye has a gray covering (matches what you see in the line art), whereas the 1/48’s eye covering is white.  You’ll also notice that the older 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru’s also have the white eye covering.
  • The 1/48’s backback has an antenna, whereas the 1/60’s does not (although this is also true for all 1/48 vs. 1/60 valkyries).
  • The chest armor on the 1/48 fits better because the top hinges go over the metal hinges in the valkyrie’s shoulders.  In contrast, the 1/60’s chest armor merely rests against the shoulder metal hinges.
  • The red missile doors on the chest armor on the 1/48 pull out a certain distance to make seeing the chest missiles easier.  In contrast, the 1/60’s missile doors do not pull out at all, but just open on hinges like a normal door.
  • The white paint on the 1/60 is brighter than the white paint on the 1/48.  The 1/48’s white is almost an off-white.
  • The 1/60 comes with feet covers, whereas the 1/48 does not.
  • Because of its bulk, the 1/60 is easier to handle and play with than the 1/48.

Finally, the 1/60’s instruction book shows additional missile attachments that make the missiles look like they’re taking off.  However, these missile attachments do not come with this toy.  They’re separate!


19 responses to “Yamato’s 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo with Armor Parts!

  1. Looks good!! Im getting the armor separately, the one that comes with the effect parts for the missiles that you are talking about. Should be out by the end of this month. CANT WAIT!!!!

  2. Finally got mine, check it out!! Let me know what you think of the missile effect parts, I think they look great.

  3. Is the VF-1J included with this set a V2 or V2.1? How are the shoulders? Do they suffer the same problem as the earlier V2 valkyries from Yamato?

    If possible, let me know soon since I’m thinking of purchasing this over the weekend.


  4. Thanks eyeforthings! Actually, I already went ahead and bought it yesterday (just couldn’t hold off anymore). The shoulders felt very tight and to be honest, I was kinda afraid of breaking them because it was my first time transforming a Yamato Valkyrie and I didn’t have a feel yet for its build quality.

    I looked at the 2 links you provided from hlj, and if it wasn’t for the Original Release date shown, I can’t tell the difference between the two. Is there an easy way to tell if my version is the December 2009 or May 2010 version (like a marking on the box or how the shoulders are supposed to look when compared with one another)? This is my first and only Yamato product so I don’t have the eye for these things yet =P. All I know is that this was a recent restock at my local hobby shop so I was hoping that it’s the new release.

    • Oh yeah, maybe this will help. The armor on my unit doesn’t have the “1” printed on it. I would have to use the decal sheet in order to place the “1”. I heard that in the previous releases, the “1” was already there out of the box.

  5. As long as your gbp armor that came with the box-set has no “1” on the chest, and it has an extra sticker sheet, this is the fixed version. You wouldn’t have a problem with it. Good luck, and happy hunting.

  6. Is the colour on the 30th anniversary edition VF-1J a brighter white than the previous VF-1J releases?

    I would like to find a VF-1J release which is similar to (or closely match), if not the same as, the movie version of VF-1S, 30th anniversary edition.

    • Sorry, since I don’t have any of the 30th anniversary edition toys, I can’t answer your question. Maybe a reader can? Or try macrossworld.com forums?

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