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Toradora Soundtracks

After hearing the opening and ending songs to Toradora with each episode, and after growing to like the series, I caved in and bought the soundtracks from CD Japan.

Tora Dora! Soundtrack

The Tora Dora! soundtrack CD was released on January 7, 2009, in Japan.  It has 32 tracks, 30 of which are instrumental, and the final two tracks have the first opening and ending songs, “Pre-parade” and “Vanilla Salt”.

Tracks 1 through 9 are really upbeat.  Track 10 has a slinky saxophone and trumpet, and Track 11 is where the techno music begins.  Great piano tracks are Tracks 4, 15, and 24.  Track 28 is a great acoustic guitar piece.

The second set of of opening and ending songs, “Silky Heart” and “Orange”, which Episode 17 first features, aren’t on this soundtrack!  You have to get two singles.

TV Anime “Toradora!” New Opening Theme:  Silky Heart

The Silky Heart CD single features Yui Horie on the cover.

There are 6 tracks, 3 with vocals, and then the last 3 are the same as the first 3, except no vocals.

TV Anime “Toradora!” New Opening Theme:  Orange

The title is a misnomer; “Orange” is actually an ending song, where we see Ryuji preparing oranges and a very tasty cake.

This CD has 4 tracks, 2 with vocals, and then the last 2 are the same tunes but without vocals.

The second song on this CD is a very playful song.

I wish King Records re-did the initial soundtrack to include “Silky Heart” and “Orange”, so I would have to buy only one CD instead of three.