Vermilion Squadron in Macross DYRL

In Macross DYRL, Hikaru Ichijo is the leader of the Vermilion Squadron, which also includes Max Jenius and Hayao Kakizaki.  Vermilion, a deep scarlet red, is the color of the accents on Hikaru’s valkyrie.  We first see Hikaru, Max, and Hayao as part of Roy’s Skull Squadron at the beginning of the movie.  After Roy dies, we see the three again when Milia/Miriya’s team of Queadluun-Rau’s launches an attack on Earth.

Our first look at Skull Squadron. Roy's VF-1S is the only one with the strike cannon

Hikaru's Vermilion VF-1A in Gerwalk Mode

Hikaru's Vermilion VF-1A in Battloid Mode

Max's Blue VF-1A

We don't see Hayao's valkyrie engage in close combat. Instead, we get to see his enthusiasm! His helmet has green accents.

Yamato has 1/60-scale replicas of each VF-1A valkryie!

Left to right, VF-1A's flown by Hayao, Hikaru, and Max

In Hobby Link Japan’s photos of Hayao and Max’s VF-1A’s, there aren’t skulls on the cockpits’ heat shields.  But these toys come with them!

I put the Super Parts on Max’s VF-1A to mimic what we see in the opening battle.  The Super Parts do not come with Yamato’s VF-1A, and must be purchased separately.

Now for a bit of trivia:  Hikaru’s VF-1A is marked 011, Hayao’s is marked with 012, and Max’s is marked with 013.

See the "011" on the side of the cockpit?

See the "012" on the side of the cockpit?

See the "013" on the side of the cockpit?

Vermilion Squadron about to engage with Queadluun-Rau's

See the "012" on the side of Hayao's cockpit?

I wonder why Hayao got “012”, whereas Max got “013”.  Hayao has the bad luck of being killed by Milia’s squadron–he should’ve been 013.

Finally, for another bit of trivia, notice the hands on the DYRL valkyries.  I like those hands–the fingertips are straight and the joints are pronounced.  In contrast, the hands on the valkyries from the TV series have round fingertips and the joints are not as pronounced.  Yamato also has the valkyries of Vermilion Squadron from the TV series.  More on that later!


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  1. I love Macross!!

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