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Yamato’s 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk, Olive-drab Version

Destroid Tomahawks from Episode 29 of Robotech ("Robotech Masters")

I thought about getting Yamato’s Destroid Tomahawk, but I like the Olive-drab version more because it looks more camouflaged.

Front view of box

The box has a flip-up lid.

Box lid open

This toy comes with a pilot, two ground crew figures, and the Destroid Tomahawk.

The toy is very well-painted.  The missiles are not removable, but their covers open and close.  The light on the left shoulder looks very realistic–if only it lit up!

Lots of vernier thrusters!  Great detail on the back!

Pilot figure seated in cockpit

Pointing ground crew guy

Ground crew guy with yellow lights to direct the pilot

This toy is also very well articulated:

  • The elbows pivot and rotate.
  • The shoulders pivot.
  • The waist rotates 360 degrees, and also tilts slightly upwards to help with destroying enemy craft.
  • The hip joints to the legs pivot left and right, and up and down.
  • The foot tilts up and down.  The rear ankles on each foot also tilt up and down.

Finally, the Destroid Tomahawk feels slightly heavier than a 1/60 valkyrie.

Ga-Rei Zero Soundtrack

After having the opening song of Ga-Rei Zero stuck in my mind because of its fast beat, I looked for the soundtrack, and found it on CD Japan.

The opening song is “Paradise Lost” (Track 2).  Here’s the CD insert!

Back/front cover of CD insert

Track listing and lyrics

Track 14 is the ending song.  There are also a few nice piano pieces.  For track samples, go to

Yamato 1/60 VF-11C with Super Pack

I haven’t watched the entire Macross 7 series yet, and am slightly hesitant because of how music is used as a literal weapon.  However, when I saw Yamato release the VF-11C Thunderbolt, I was drawn to its appearance:  I really like the bone-white look, and the curved nosecone.  I also looked at the VF-11B, but the dull gray color scheme with orange accents doesn’t appeal to me.

I like the VF-11C best in its fighter mode.

The Super Pack consists of two boosters, and two pieces of leg armor, each of which attach with a small circular magnet.

There are some nice gimmicks:  the cockpit is ejectable, and the white flat pointy piece you see between the legs is really a shield for the left arm.

If you’ve seen pictures of the VF-11C in an off-white/yellowish color scheme, those pictures came from an earlier prototype.

The VF-11C is slightly longer than the VF-1.  Here’s a picture comparing it to the VF-1S Hikaru.

I bought the VF-11C from AmiAmi, at a 15% discount off the list price, and 50% off shipping!

Robotech Zentraedi Tactical Battlepod: Regult

Toynami just released a 1/100 scale vinyl Regult battlepod!

The back of the box has an interesting description on the Regult’s design.

The Regult on the back of the box looks more white than the figure really is:  the battlepod is off-white/light-gray.  It’s almost as tall as a 1/60 Yamato valkyrie!

Height comparison with Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Max TV Type

And it’s taller than the Revoltech Regult.

Revoltech Regult (left), Toynami Regult (right)

The Regult is nicely painted all around!

The box boasts 9 points of articulation, and here they are:

Articulation points

  • The two front cannons rotate in all directions, but not enough to face completely forward. (#1 and #2)
  • The boosters rotate ever so slightly. (#3 and #4)
  • The cockpit rotates left and right about 1/8 of an inch (#5)
  • The legs rotate about 180 degrees. (#6 and #7)
  • The knee bottoms rotate 360 degrees (#8 and #9).
  • The upper knee joint and upper thigh joint are fixed to keep the Regult from falling over.
  • The rear cannons look like they can rotate, but they don’t.

The material is a very soft vinyl/PVC.  When I hold the Regult, it feels light and soft, and definitely not as rigid as a Yamato valkyrie.  A big plus:  no nasty vinyl odor!

There are no gimmicks/add-ons for this toy, unfortunately.  But what I like most about it is it’s big!

Finally, a bit of trivia:  there’s some Zentraedi markings on the hip:

Let’s consult Macross Chronicle Issue 41 for the Zentraedi alphabet!

Zentraedi alphabet in Macross Chronicle, Issue 41, Page 22.

The blue upside-down “A” is the letter “J”.  The markings beneath it translate to “1130P2”.  I wonder what that refers to!

I bought this from  Here’s the product page: It was shipped FedEx Ground, and I received it in 2 days!

Sega’s Prize Figures of Asuka and Ayanami

While browsing an anime store, I came across two Evangelion figures of Asuka and Ayanami, made by Sega, Prize, High Grade Plug Suit Figure, Rei & Sohryu Asuka, set of 2″

These figures are taller than the 1/60 Yamato valkyrie!

Ayanami Rei, VF-1A Max TV Type, and Asuka Langley

Ayanami Rei

Asuka Langley

Each figure has its own stand, and is not poseable.  The figures balance on the stand via the semicircular clip that attaches to their calves.  The paint work is superb:  lines are well defined on each figure’s plug suit.  The faces are also well done:

I like the facial expressions:  Ayanami was the unemotional one, whereas Asuka was the fiery one.  While the Ayanami figure balances well on its stand, the Asuka figure does not because its center of gravity is not in line with Asuka’s legs.  As a result, Asuka tends to fall off the stand when moved.

Finally, the box’s back panel has instructions on how to assemble the stand and attach each figure, and notes the 10th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I haven’t seen the recent DVD’s of Evangelion.  If you’ve seen them, how do they compare to the original TV series?