Yamato’s 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk, Olive-drab Version

Destroid Tomahawks from Episode 29 of Robotech ("Robotech Masters")

I thought about getting Yamato’s Destroid Tomahawk, but I like the Olive-drab version more because it looks more camouflaged.

Front view of box

The box has a flip-up lid.

Box lid open

This toy comes with a pilot, two ground crew figures, and the Destroid Tomahawk.

The toy is very well-painted.  The missiles are not removable, but their covers open and close.  The light on the left shoulder looks very realistic–if only it lit up!

Lots of vernier thrusters!  Great detail on the back!

Pilot figure seated in cockpit

Pointing ground crew guy

Ground crew guy with yellow lights to direct the pilot

This toy is also very well articulated:

  • The elbows pivot and rotate.
  • The shoulders pivot.
  • The waist rotates 360 degrees, and also tilts slightly upwards to help with destroying enemy craft.
  • The hip joints to the legs pivot left and right, and up and down.
  • The foot tilts up and down.  The rear ankles on each foot also tilt up and down.

Finally, the Destroid Tomahawk feels slightly heavier than a 1/60 valkyrie.


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