Yamato’s Macross Zero VF-0S 1/60 Scale

Yamato recently re-released the Macross Zero VF-0S 1/60 scale valkyrie!

The box is bigger than the newer generation VF-1’s in 1/60 scale.

The box has a nice inner flap that shows the VF-0s in its 3 modes.  When I first saw the toy, I thought it looks more like Yamato’s 1/48 valkyries than the 1/60’s, primarily because of its larger size and also because the line identations are thicker.

The toy comes with the VF-0S, two display stand attachments, four 3-missile packs, two pieces of calf armor, a gunpod, and a Roy Focker pilot figure.  There’s also an instruction book and stickers.

The fighter looks very nice.  I like the big wings and tall tailfins.  There’s also an antenna (radar?) sticking out from the nosecose.

The fighter is very close to the line art.

Nice, big engines.

Let’s get an idea of the VF-0S’s size relative to the VF-1S 1/60 scale.

The VF-0S is quite bigger than the VF-1S 1/60 scale!  Holding the VF-0S, I noticed that parts are more loose-fitting than the 1/60 VF-1S.  For example, the engines are a little wobbly.

The gunpod is bigger, too.

You’ll also notice a bar connecting the back of the gunpod with the front.  The 1/60 gunpod doesn’t have the bar, but the VF-0S gunpod bar is accurate with the line art.

The Roy Focker pilot figure is made of a softer plastic than the pilot figures in the newest 1/60 valkyries.

On to gerwalk mode!

See the backpack boosters?  They actually slide out, and don’t hold in place that well when you tilt the toy.  Another difference from the 1/60’s is that the hands are recessed into the forearm, and you have to pull the hands out.  In contrast, in the newest 1/60 scale valkyries, you rotate the hand outward from the forearm.

Missiles and leg armor!

Similar to the VF-11C, the leg armor is held to the calf by a magnet.

Each missile pack comes with 3 missiles, and uses the same mount as in the 1/60 scale valkyries.  However, the VF-0S’s missiles have pointy tips and triangular fins, whereas the VF-1S 1/60 scale’s missiles have barrel-like tips and smaller, rectangular fins.

On to battloid mode!

See the compartments that house the leg landing gear?  Those doors have more space between them and the legs than the doors on the VF-1S 1/60 scale.  In general, I feel that the newer 1/60 scale valkyries don’t rattle as much because their small movable parts fit tighter.

The toy’s battloid mode is pretty close to the line art.

One really neat gimmick when transforming to battloid mode is that the pilot seat actually reclines!

See the instrumentation panel?  It also tilts back.  You don’t find this gimmick with the 1/60’s.

The nosecone radar antenna comes off pretty easily–it’s held in place by only a round peg.

On my VF-0s, the right laser on the head was quite floppy.

In battloid mode, the wings fold down and meet in the back, but unlike the 1/60’s where the wings do not overlap, in the VF-0s, they overlap!

Overall, a very nice toy.  I got it from AmiAmi, because it was cheaper there (13720 yen, excluding shipping) than on HobbyLink Japan (16800 yen)!


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