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Tony Oliver, Svea Macek, and Tommy Yune at California State Fair, July 31-Aug 1, 2010

I went to the California State Fair today (July 31st) and met Tommy Yune, Svea Macek, and Tony Oliver!  Tommy Yune is the creative director at Harmony Gold.  Svea Macek is Carl Macek’s wife and was an art director at Harmony Gold.  Tony Oliver was the voice actor of Rick Hunter in Robotech.

Tony Oliver, Svea Macek, and Tommy Yune (left to right)

If anyone goes tomorrow, you’ll find them in Building 5, which houses the “Get Animated” exhibit, which also has exhibits on the history of animation.  The building is one of about 10 stone-colored buildings.

There’s the upper half of the SDF-1 on display, as well as a big blue alpha fighter.

Below the SDF-1 is a large display case.

Left side of display case

Right side of display case

Right side of display case

There’s also a poster honoring the late Carl Macek.

Finally, if you’re going tomorrow, be prepared for the hot sun!  It’s in the low- to mid-90’s!  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Here’s info on They’ll be there starting at noon.

Yamato Macross 1/60 VF-1S Super Valkyrie TV Version

Here’s the Yamato Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S Super Valkyrie, TV version!

There's no flip-top lid

Inside the box are two plastic containers, one holding the VF-1S and normal accessories, and the second one holding the super parts.  There are also two instruction manuals and two decal sheets.

The major difference between this toy and the VF-1S TV Version without super parts is that this one comes with a Hikaru pilot figure, whereas the non-super-parts version comes with a Roy Fokker pilot figure.

Close-up of the Hikaru pilot figure

Now let’s transform this guy and put the super parts on!

The Super Parts are a lighter gray than the Super and Strike Parts that come with a DYRL valkyrie.  The DYRL version has more of a bluish gray.

VF-1S TV Version on the left, VF-1A Hikaru DYRL on the right

The arm armor pieces are different in the TV Version and the DYRL version.

TV Version armor on the left, DYRL version on the right

Another major difference between the TV Version and the DYRL version is that the leg locking mechanisms in the nosecones are different.  Yamato improved the locking mechanism by widening the hole where you lock the metal leg hinge into.  Because the hole is bigger in the TV version, it is much easier to lock the legs into place than in the DYRL version!

VF-1S DYRL leg locking mechanism on the left, VF-1S TV Version on the right

See how the locking mechanism isn't narrower than the metal leg bar?

I also noticed that when detaching the air intakes from the back breastplate, it’s much easier to detach than previous versions of the VF-1.

Anyway, I really like the bright white color of the VF-1S in battloid mode!

Besides the black arrows on the side of the head in the TV version, does anyone else notice any differences between the TV version and the DYRL version?

Yamato Macross Display Stand Deep Blue Version

The deep blue version of the Yamato Macross Display Stand for Valkyries just came out!

One improvement in the packaging is that the stand pieces are not held to the plastic containers by twistie ties!  As a result, the display stand pieces are easier to remove from the plastic containers.

Like the gray display stand, this deep blue display stand has the same glossy finish.  It’s also the same exact mold as all the other Yamato display stands.

Gray display stand base on the left, deep blue base on the right

In order to put the VF-1S TV Version on the display stand (and as with any Yamato VF-1), I had to separate the leg/air intake from the body of the fighter.  I noticed it’s a lot easier to separate the legs than previous VF-1’s.

VF-1J Max on gray display stand on the left, VF-1S TV Version on deep blue display stand on the right

I got the deep blue display stand from HobbyLink Japan:

Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1S TV Type

Yamato’s Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S toy with the TV series white color scheme is out!

The box does not have a flip-top lid.

This toy comes with the standard things:  missiles, round TV-style hands, gunpod, display stand connectors, and a Roy Fokker pilot figure.  What I really like about the TV-style color scheme is that it’s a bright white!  How does it compare with the VF-1S from Macross DYRL?

The TV-style one is so much whiter than the DYRL-style one!

The head has black arrows instead of yellow arrows.

I read somewhere that the TV series hands are supposed to be bigger.  Well, they aren’t.  They’re exactly the same size as the ones you’ll find on the VF-1J, but they are definitely a brighter white.

VF-1S TV Type hand on the left, VF-1J hand on the right

Finally, let’s get a close-up picture of the Roy pilot figure!

Yep, that’s Roy in his gray pilot suit–a first for the VF-1S toys!  In the VF-1S TV Type Super Valkyrie, Hikaru is the pilot because Roy never flew the VF-1S with super parts!

Who’s there?

Hi Macross and anime fans, the good news is that more people are viewing this blog every day, but I don’t know who you are, or what you’re interested in.  Tell me a little about your interest in Macross and anime, and what you’d like to see more of on this blog.

I’m interested in Macross and anime because of the detailed art designs and the many mature emotions found in these anime.  Simply said, you’ll find canned art and emotions.  In general, I’ll like a movie if it captures emotions well, and I have a good reaction to seeing those emotions.