Who’s there?

Hi Macross and anime fans, the good news is that more people are viewing this blog every day, but I don’t know who you are, or what you’re interested in.  Tell me a little about your interest in Macross and anime, and what you’d like to see more of on this blog.

I’m interested in Macross and anime because of the detailed art designs and the many mature emotions found in these anime.  Simply said, you’ll find canned art and emotions.  In general, I’ll like a movie if it captures emotions well, and I have a good reaction to seeing those emotions.


3 responses to “Who’s there?

  1. some macross zero reviews of the yamato 1/60s would be cool.

    great site.

  2. I watched Robotech in my very early years and it made a huge impact on me. When I saw Macross for the first time it was a whole new experience. The dialogs, story, the missing scenes, etc. It’s got sci-fi, space battles, aliens, love, music… the whole deal.

  3. I just recently finished watching SDF: Macross. I’ll spare my thoughts on the series overall and just say that I liked how the characters acted so maturly (as in in a realistic way). It wasn’t just the male character (Hikaru) getting his ass kicked even if he didn’t do anything wrong. Then again, I guess that only occures in this one comedy/harem anime so it’s not really suppose to be dramatic in a sense. I just hope that the later Macross series (Frountier, 7, etc) will be as good. I know Plus will already be good after seeing 1/2 of the OVA series.

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