Yamato’s Macross 1/60 VF-1S TV Type

Yamato’s Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S toy with the TV series white color scheme is out!

The box does not have a flip-top lid.

This toy comes with the standard things:  missiles, round TV-style hands, gunpod, display stand connectors, and a Roy Fokker pilot figure.  What I really like about the TV-style color scheme is that it’s a bright white!  How does it compare with the VF-1S from Macross DYRL?

The TV-style one is so much whiter than the DYRL-style one!

The head has black arrows instead of yellow arrows.

I read somewhere that the TV series hands are supposed to be bigger.  Well, they aren’t.  They’re exactly the same size as the ones you’ll find on the VF-1J, but they are definitely a brighter white.

VF-1S TV Type hand on the left, VF-1J hand on the right

Finally, let’s get a close-up picture of the Roy pilot figure!

Yep, that’s Roy in his gray pilot suit–a first for the VF-1S toys!  In the VF-1S TV Type Super Valkyrie, Hikaru is the pilot because Roy never flew the VF-1S with super parts!


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