Yamato Macross Display Stand Deep Blue Version

The deep blue version of the Yamato Macross Display Stand for Valkyries just came out!

One improvement in the packaging is that the stand pieces are not held to the plastic containers by twistie ties!  As a result, the display stand pieces are easier to remove from the plastic containers.

Like the gray display stand, this deep blue display stand has the same glossy finish.  It’s also the same exact mold as all the other Yamato display stands.

Gray display stand base on the left, deep blue base on the right

In order to put the VF-1S TV Version on the display stand (and as with any Yamato VF-1), I had to separate the leg/air intake from the body of the fighter.  I noticed it’s a lot easier to separate the legs than previous VF-1’s.

VF-1J Max on gray display stand on the left, VF-1S TV Version on deep blue display stand on the right

I got the deep blue display stand from HobbyLink Japan:  http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00193


2 responses to “Yamato Macross Display Stand Deep Blue Version

  1. Bro, like I told you, I got the silver stand for Yamato. Tried it on a fighter with Super Strike Parts and wow, it was really pushing it, because I did not want to use the clamps. But the display stand works BEAUTIFULLY in the gerwalk mode. Having one 1/48 Super Strike Gerwalk posed on it is nothing short of awesome!

    But I got a question for you. Would it be possible to use the same stand on a 1/48 Super Strike Battroid??? I want to pose him while he is ‘flying’.

    Let me know?? =)

    • Yes, the stand will work with your 1/48 in battroid mode. You use a different connector that attaches to the battroid’s crotch, and the battroid will be upright.

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