Yamato Macross 1/60 VF-1S Super Valkyrie TV Version

Here’s the Yamato Macross 1/60th-scale VF-1S Super Valkyrie, TV version!

There's no flip-top lid

Inside the box are two plastic containers, one holding the VF-1S and normal accessories, and the second one holding the super parts.  There are also two instruction manuals and two decal sheets.

The major difference between this toy and the VF-1S TV Version without super parts is that this one comes with a Hikaru pilot figure, whereas the non-super-parts version comes with a Roy Fokker pilot figure.

Close-up of the Hikaru pilot figure

Now let’s transform this guy and put the super parts on!

The Super Parts are a lighter gray than the Super and Strike Parts that come with a DYRL valkyrie.  The DYRL version has more of a bluish gray.

VF-1S TV Version on the left, VF-1A Hikaru DYRL on the right

The arm armor pieces are different in the TV Version and the DYRL version.

TV Version armor on the left, DYRL version on the right

Another major difference between the TV Version and the DYRL version is that the leg locking mechanisms in the nosecones are different.  Yamato improved the locking mechanism by widening the hole where you lock the metal leg hinge into.  Because the hole is bigger in the TV version, it is much easier to lock the legs into place than in the DYRL version!

VF-1S DYRL leg locking mechanism on the left, VF-1S TV Version on the right

See how the locking mechanism isn't narrower than the metal leg bar?

I also noticed that when detaching the air intakes from the back breastplate, it’s much easier to detach than previous versions of the VF-1.

Anyway, I really like the bright white color of the VF-1S in battloid mode!

Besides the black arrows on the side of the head in the TV version, does anyone else notice any differences between the TV version and the DYRL version?


13 responses to “Yamato Macross 1/60 VF-1S Super Valkyrie TV Version

  1. I just ordered this one, my first yamato valkyrie, pretty excited.
    thanks for sharing this info

  2. Hi!! I am deciding whether to by this VF-1S TV version or not because I am worry that the tv version white color is big different from the white color of the VF-1S DYRL version and it will look straneg if I put them side by side together? Can you give me some advice? Thanks in advance!

    • The TV version has a much brighter white color than the DYRL version. The question is, do you like the brighter white color? Do you have the VF-11C? If you like the white on the VF-11C, the white on the VF-1S TV version is about the same.

  3. Thanks a lot for the helpful information!

  4. Hi!! Actually I have 1 more question and don’t know if you will know the answer. Cause I have purchased the VF-1S MAX version of DYRL, I would like to know if u have any idea whether the VF-1S Roy version of DYRL has the same white color as the VF-1S Max version. It is because I see in your post one of the photo which shows the VF-1A Hikaru DYRL white color seem to be closer to the VF-1s TV version and is sort of different from the VF-1s Roy version DYRL version. Thanks a lot for your help. Appreciated.

  5. another popular question would be…
    does this set have the infamous shoulder issue? did they got it fixed?

  6. eyeforthings

    Nope, this set doesn’t have the shoulder issue. According to Graham on MacrossWorld, every valkyrie after the VF-1D uses the smaller-diameter shoulder pins: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=209256&sid=a8641d0b804b3794f39c5f9a968863bd#p209256

  7. Hi, I was looking for someone to ask about this. I just bought this model http://tinyurl.com/6lzdnov However, it has been quite difficult to identify each model. They do not give you too much details. Can you tell me if this one has the Shoulder issue? How is it? I asked a Chinese seller if the one you mention was version 1 or 2. He said is ver 2 – 2011?? is it really 2011? Thank you so much.

  8. Does the TV version comes with articulated hands like DYRL version ?
    I already have Hikaru’s A-type and Max’s S-type, both are DYRL version and I’m considering to complete them with Roy’s S-type, but only TV version available at local store.

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