California State Fair Robotech Flyer

Here’s the Robotech flyer that Tommy Yune, Svea Macek, and Tony Oliver signed when I met them at the California State Fair.


Page 2

Page 3

Page 4 (rear cover)

At Sacanime on September 3-5, 2010, in Sacramento, Mari Iijima (voice actor of Minmay in Macross DYRL) and Rebecca Forstadt (voice actor of Minmay in Robotech) will be honored guests.  For more info, please see


One response to “California State Fair Robotech Flyer

  1. Dude! That is awesome! I missed out the panel day. Silly me I went to the exibit about a week before Mr Oliver and Mr Yune were supposed to be there. I planned on having my Comico Robotech 3D comic signed but… at least I didn’t come away empty handed. I bought a sweet 1/6th Rick Hunter/ Hikaru Ichijo figure in the DYRL flight suit. Also, thanks for letting me know about Sacanime! I am so going!

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