Robotech: The Original Soundtrack, 20th Anniversary Edition

I was looking through items on the store, and saw the 2-disc 20th anniversary edition of the Robotech soundtrack.  It has the Mospeada songs by Michael Bradley, as well as all the Minmay songs sung by Reba West!  I took the plunge, and am happy to report that this soundtrack has the Lancer songs used in the Robotech series!

Track list

The first disc has instrumentals from the Robotech series, including the opening and closing title songs.  After listening to these instrumentals, I realized that a major part of why Robotech was good were these musical pieces–they make the scenes they’re in even more emotional.

The second disc mostly has vocals, especially all the Minmay songs sung by Reba West and all the Lancer/Yellow Dancer songs sung by Michael Bradley.

This soundtrack CD insert has all the lyrics, too!

CD insert cover. Why did Harmony Gold design the cover with Minmay cut off?

Notes/interviews with composers

Interview with Michael Bradley

Interview with music editor

This soundtrack comes in a single-width CD case.  The two CD’s are in the middle.  When I received it, the rear CD insert blocked the middle plastic piece from pivoting.  I had to re-seat the rear CD insert in order to allow the middle plastic piece to freely pivot.

I like Michael Bradley’s songs more than Reba West’s, especially “Look Up! The Sky Is Falling”, “Lonely Soldier Boy”, “The Way To Love”, and “We Will Win”.  They remind me of the energy of the crowd in Lancer’s concerts.  I also remember the emotional scenes when Lancer sang “The Way To Love” to the Invid Sara.  Finally, I think Michael’s rendition of “We Will Win” is more upbeat than Reba West’s.

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One response to “Robotech: The Original Soundtrack, 20th Anniversary Edition

  1. Great review!
    The music of Robotech is indeed inspiring. I must add that the Michael Bradley songs…when performed to a real live audience, as he recently did to thousands of South American fans, it really DOES become a Lancer/Yellow Dancer concert! Robocon20, RT25, and three of Michael Bradley’s live Robotech concerts were truly inspiring.

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