Bandai’s DX Chogokin Robot Damashii VB-6 Konig Monster

Bandai just released their DX Chogokin Robot Damashii VB-6 Konig Monster from Macross Frontier.  I was at first skeptical in getting this toy, because I have the VF-25F, and it has some loose parts.  I much prefer the tightness of the Yamato valkyries.  Well, I’m impressed with Bandai’s VB-6.  It’s tight, and has no loose parts, even though it has quite a number of hinged parts.

Box front view

Box rear view

The box is about as tall and wide as a Yamato 1/60 valkyrie box, but not as deep.

Inside the box is the toy, some clear plastic stand pieces, an instruction booklet, and a small sheet of stickers.  You can either stick the two shark eyes on your toy, or the Sheryl and Ranka stickers.  I went with the shark eyes.

Fighter mode, left view

Fighter mode, right view

How big is this VB-6 next to a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S?

VB-6 and VF-1S TV Type, top view

The VB-6 is slightly larger than the VF-1S.

VB-6 and VF-1S TV Type, front view

Now onto gerwalk mode, my favorite!

Here’s a top view of the VB-6 in gerwalk mode versus the VF-1S.

And here’s a height comparison with the VF-1S in battloid mode.

I also like the VB-6’s feet.  They’re gigantic, and each flap is hinged!

Here are the sticker sheet and the instruction manual.

Sticker sheet. I already removed the shark eyes.

I got the VB-6 from Although EMS shipping was 4420 yen, the toy’s price was 13350 yen, bringing the total to 17770 yen.  In contrast, if I had bought it from HLJ, it would have been 16000 yen for the toy and 2880 for EMS shipping, for a total of 18880 yen.  With the weak dollar against the yen, I’ll take any savings I can get!

Finally, this is the regular version of the toy.  I didn’t want the extras that come with the special version–the extra stickers, the special display stand, and a Sheryl mission/credit card.  If you’re curious what comes with the special edition, please have a look at the product info page:


3 responses to “Bandai’s DX Chogokin Robot Damashii VB-6 Konig Monster

  1. Thanks for the post. I got one of my own too soon after reading your review. I wonder why no one bothers to pose it in its Destroid mode though? Everyone leaves it in Gerwalk. Honestly, I thought the Gerwalk mode would be my favorite too. But after transforming it to Destroid mode and seeing how much bigger and taller it was (a lot taller and wider than the 1/60 scale Valkyries), that mode suddenly became my favorite, followed by shuttle/bomber mode. The Gerwalk mode felt kinda short and squat.

    In any case, I think this is a great toy and worth the purchase. Just as good as the DX Chogokin VF-27. My only gripe is that it’s not 1/60 scale, but that would have been too big and expensive. It’s great that Bandai has made 2 straight practically perfect toys in a row for their Macross Frontier line. Too bad there probably won’t be a next one since I think they already made all the prominent mecha from the show. Unless of course they decide to remake their VF-25’s with all the improvements from the VF-27 carried over. Now that would be great as I can finally get one.

  2. Well, for me, I like the Gerwalk mode because it reminds me when in the TV series, the VB-6 unleashes its arsenal on the Vajra.

    Does the VF-27 have any loose parts? The VF-25F does, and the part looseness discouraged me from buying any more Bandai valks.

    • My VF-27 doesn’t have any loose parts, especially in fighter mode (which is a thing of beauty). Perhaps the only part that might be considered loose are the shoulders if you don’t pin them in the sockets while in Battroid mode. But otherwise, it’s tight. The only thing you have to worry about are getting scratches on it while handling/transforming it. But if you’re careful you shouldn’t have a problem. I’m actually considering getting a second one just so I can play with one and keep the other one in mint condition because I like it so much.

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