Black Polo Shirt from

I decided to buy the black polo Robotech shirt from because it’s something I can wear to work!

This shirt is 100% cotton, and has two logos:  the Robotech Defense Force kite logo on the front and the “Robotech” title logo on the sleeve.

How big are the logos?  Well, here’s the VF-1S GNU-Dou next to the RDF logo:

And here are the logos next to a tape measure:


RDF logo is about 1 3/4 inches wide



Title logo is about 2 3/4 inches wide


Overall, I’m very happy with it.  The weave is about the same as a Ralph Polo Lauren polo shirt, and is about as thick, too.

This polo shirt also comes in white and gray.  Check it out at!


2 responses to “Black Polo Shirt from

  1. That looks like a really nice shirt, wish I could get away with wearing that where I work. Anybody at your work place ever make a comment on it?
    Last year I ordered the Mars Base and RDF logo t shirts from Both have held up rather well and I have had a few comments on them while out in public.

  2. No one’s made a comment yet, unfortunately.

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