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Review: Macross Frontier: The False Songstress (Itsuwari no Utahime)

Macross Frontier: The False Songstress is a visually stunning 2-hour movie with enough differences from the TV series to keep you watching until the end.  But as I was watching it, I couldn’t help to compare it to DYRL. I like DYRL better because I can relate to its characters more easily:  I see more of myself in Hikaru than in Alto.  Why?  Because Hikaru, like myself, has a humble beginning, and is quite average-looking.  He’s not a dashing womanizer with a deep-sounding voice (Roy Fokker), and he’s not the best ace pilot (Max).  Yet he’s placed in extraordinary circumstances, and is our humble hero.  His situation speaks to our dream of being in extraordinary circumstances and being a hero.  In Macross Frontier, Alto is our hero, but he’s out of the ordinary:  he’s bishounen,  has an acting background, is quick-tempered, and tends to overreact.  I can’t relate to any of those qualities.

And how many of us men go through chasing someone who’s not right for us, just to see if we can make it work, and later discover it doesn’t, and then realize we need to be with someone whose lifestyle and tendencies suit us better?  This sounds like Hikaru’s fascination with Minmay before deciding Misa is better for him.

As for the women in the love triangles, I can relate to Minmay’s situation more than Sheryl or Ranka’s because she had an average upbringing.  On the SDF-1 in the TV series, she helps her aunt and uncle with their restaurant before making it as a successful singer.  How many of us have helped our parents or relatives with their businesses?   In contrast, Sheryl was homeless before being rescued and made into a star.  How many people do we know share a similar background?  Ranka is somehow the queen of the Vajra:  do we know anyone who can control insects by singing?  Ranka’s talent sounds like a superhero quality, something you’d see on X-Men, like Storm’s ability to control the weather.

And what about the choice Alto makes between Sheryl and Ranka?  Is either of them “right” for him?  He has a strong aversion to acting/performing, even though he did these before, so Sheryl wouldn’t be right for him.  And Ranka is too young for him.  Ranka’s crush is more like a high school girl who gets a crush on a college guy.

Oh, that’s right.  I’m not the target demographic.

Anyway, here’s the cover of the Blu-ray DVD Hybrid Pack, which comes with the movie and a trial version of a PS3 game on one disc.

Blu-ray DVD box cover

DVD cover sheet

DVD Booklet cover

PS3 game instructions.

Small film strip

Yamato’s 1/48 scale VF-1S Transformable Valkyrie Roy Focker

Yamato just re-issued the 1/48 scale VF-1S, both Roy Focker’s and Hikaru’s! Since I like Roy’s black/yellow paint scheme more than Hikaru’s black/red paint scheme, I got Roy’s VF-1S.

Today, we’re all about comparisons with the 1/60 scale VF-1S.

The 1/48 box is of course slightly taller than a 1/60

And it's wider

Here’s what the 1/48 comes with:

Valkryie, two missile sets, gun pod, Roy Focker pilot figure. Not pictured: decal sheet and instruction book

But no display stand mounts, like you’ll find with every 1/60 scale valkyrie!

1/48 on the left, 1/60 VF-1S TV Type on the right

See the missiles? The 1/48's are all white, no black tips like on the 1/60

Better tampo printing on the 1/60. The "001" and RDF logo on the side of the nosecone are not pre-painted on the 1/48, but are decals

Okay, okay.  I’m biased towards the 1/60, even though the 1/48 has a few more gimmicks, like the antenna on the backpack and the radar in the nosecone.  The 1/60 just feels and looks tighter (especially between adjacent parts), and is pre-painted with more emblems.

But if bigger is what you like, the 1/48 is for you!