Yamato’s 1/48 scale VF-1S Transformable Valkyrie Roy Focker

Yamato just re-issued the 1/48 scale VF-1S, both Roy Focker’s and Hikaru’s! Since I like Roy’s black/yellow paint scheme more than Hikaru’s black/red paint scheme, I got Roy’s VF-1S.

Today, we’re all about comparisons with the 1/60 scale VF-1S.

The 1/48 box is of course slightly taller than a 1/60

And it's wider

Here’s what the 1/48 comes with:

Valkryie, two missile sets, gun pod, Roy Focker pilot figure. Not pictured: decal sheet and instruction book

But no display stand mounts, like you’ll find with every 1/60 scale valkyrie!

1/48 on the left, 1/60 VF-1S TV Type on the right

See the missiles? The 1/48's are all white, no black tips like on the 1/60

Better tampo printing on the 1/60. The "001" and RDF logo on the side of the nosecone are not pre-painted on the 1/48, but are decals

Okay, okay.  I’m biased towards the 1/60, even though the 1/48 has a few more gimmicks, like the antenna on the backpack and the radar in the nosecone.  The 1/60 just feels and looks tighter (especially between adjacent parts), and is pre-painted with more emblems.

But if bigger is what you like, the 1/48 is for you!



7 responses to “Yamato’s 1/48 scale VF-1S Transformable Valkyrie Roy Focker

  1. Hey there, nice blog. I’m debating between getting a 1/48 renewal and the 1/60 versions – what would you say is a good price for a 1/60. If you could throw me some ballpark numbers that’d help. Ebay has them all over the place in terms of pricing.


    • Do you want a 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker with super and strike parts? If so, the msrp is 12800 yen, which works out to about $153, assuming 83.5 yen per dollar. If you want just the valkyrie, the msrp is 9800 yen, which is about $117. If you’re buying these on ebay used, then I would expect the price to be less, excluding shipping. What you have to be careful about is which version of the VF-1S you’re getting. If the box has a see-through top, it most likely is the first version, which you don’t want, and you’ll notice the prices are considerably less than the prices for the second version. The second version has a much better design and tighter-fitting parts, and whose boxes either have a flip-top lid or no see-through top at all. Also, if you’re planning to transform the toy a lot, find the newer V2 valks, which don’t have the weak-shoulder-joint issue. See this MacrossWorld forum thread on the weak-shoulder-joint issue: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=32126

  2. Hi, I am considering get one of these valkyires, thanks to your blog, I learn a lot about them. However, how am I suppose to know if one is the V2 you mentioned. Would you mind to recommend me a version of VF-1S that with a strike pack and the place to buy it? I feel really hard to get one at the moment as I search ebay. It seems they are either sold out or second hand. Or should I just wait for the 30 anniversary version that will on sale lately this year? And try to get a strike pack separately?

    • Are you looking for 1/48th scale or 1/60th scale? There are only two styles of version 2 of the 1/48th scale valkyries: Roy Focker’s VF-1S (this post) and Hikaru’s VF-1J: http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00190 (you can tell by the newer artwork on the boxes)

      If you want the strike cannon, the only 1/48th scale toy that has it is the VF-1J Stealth, which has been discontinued, and is hard to find.

      Your have many more choices with the 1/60th scale version (version 2 of these looks much tighter than version 1, which looks bulky). Most recent Roy version is the one with super and strike parts “plus”, but I see on HobbyLink Japan (HLJ) that it’s been discontinued. Looks like most retailers I used to buy from (HLJ, Bigbadtoystore, Angolz, AmiAmi) are all out, so eBay and Amazon (saw one for $500 but that is outrageous!) are your best bet.

      Looks like Yamato is releasing new 1/60th scale versions (as you mentioned, the 30th anniversary versions) with extra parts that simulate the pilot seat opening up through the battroid’s head. On HLJ, the Roy VF-1S TV version is coming out this month, and DYRL versions are coming out in July. It wouldn’t surprise me if Yamato followed up with versions that come with super and strike parts. So it depends how long you’re willing to wait! Good luck!

      • Wow~Thank you so much for this thoroughly and detailing introduction. I have got an idea now and I think I don’t mind to wait for the latest 1/60s.

      • Hi, I missed the new announced 30th anniversary version and when I have got my first opportunity to find one, it has already raise price to 120 pounds rather than 75. But I have managed to find a Do you remember love 1/60 version with strike pack sell at 150 pounds on a Chinese C2C website. It might not be brand new as it comes in without original package but it seems like at least 80-90% new. Still a good deal isn’t it?

  3. The 1/48 VF-1S has the same shoulder cracking problem that the 1/60 has?

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