Macross TV Episode 1: Booby Trap

Happy New Year, Macross fans!  I’m kicking off the new year by going back to the source of my passion for Macross:  the TV series!  I first watched it in its modified Robotech First Generation form, and am now curious what changed from the original TV series.  So I found the Japanese TV series, and started watching it.

Episode 1 is “Booby Trap”.  We first see a huge spaceship crash land into an island on earth.  It’s the SDF-1!

SDF-1 crash lands on Earth

The presence of alien technology causes most countries to unite, but sparks some fighting.  Eventually, mankind restores the SDF-1, and it’s the year 2009, when the SDF-1 is about to take off on its maiden voyage.  We’re entertained by the opening sequence.

It’s not Robotech. It’s Macross, the original!

We see an action sequence with a fighter jet transforming into a gerwalk, then into a battloid, and destroying some two-legged pods!

We then get introduced to all the main characters in the show, as they celebrate the completion of the SDF-1’s restoration.

First, we see Macross City’s mayor

And then Captain Global (Gloval in Robotech)

Misa Hayes (Lisa in Robotech) enters the bridge of the SDF-1

Claudia Grant stands right next to Misa on the bridge

Claudia and Misa talk about how Roy Focker is a war hero who can win in battle while hung over

Hikaru Ichijo flies in, and got an invitation from Roy to join the SDF-1’s festivities

We see Roy Focker, who presents veritechs to the public

Here’s the public, laughing at the banter between Roy and Hikaru. Who’s the woman with the dark blue hair and red dress? No one else has that hair color!

Hikaru sees that Roy is still a womanizer. Roy is staring at the woman with the dark blue hair.

Here’s a key scene that was omitted in Robotech. Roy is staring at the woman’s behind. There’s one thing wrong with this scene: Roy’s eye level is higher. This view is from someone who’s about as tall as the kid.

Now, we get to see the aliens!

Britai and Exadore in the alien commandship! Britai refers to Exadore as the Chief Archivist. We see that the aliens are humanoids! What we don’t know yet is that they’re much taller than humans.

Another bit left out of Robotech: humans used “reaction weaponry” (nuclear missiles) to eliminate some of the Zentradi battleships

The episode ends with Hikaru in an orange VF-1J, looking up at the dogfighting happening in the sky

This episode refers to the SDF-1 as a booby trap, because Captain Global realizes why the SDF-1 suddenly wakes up and open fires on the alien spaceships:  he explains that similar tactics were used by the Germans in World War II in which innocent-looking items had bombs in them.

Episode 2 is “Countdown”!


7 responses to “Macross TV Episode 1: Booby Trap

  1. Hi you seem to know a lot about these sort of things. I know its supposed to come with decals which are missing and although the box/instruction manuel doesn’t show a pilot i’m not sure if one should be there or not.


  2. Excellent post as usual. Robotech has had a lasting effect on my life so much so that, even at this stage in my life ( I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30) I still am intrsted in it. I buy Macross toys, read the Robotech novels, and use Rick/Roy’s VF-1S as the wallpaper on my phone and PC. I even tried to convince my wife to name our daughter Miriya. She didn’t go for it.
    I haven’t see the original Macross but I do have the Robotech Remastered DVDs with all the original content back in them. I recommend them to any fan.
    Robtech was my second exposure to Japaneses animation, the first being Star Blazers. Still love that too. Hope the live action Space Battleship Yamato movie makes it’s way to the US when it’s released on DVD. I also still have hopes for a live action Robotech movie to be made. I know it won’t be exactly what I hope it to be but it would still be awesome to see it on the big screen.

    • That would be so cool if your daughter were named Miriya! Same here: Robotech had such an impact that I still like it very much today. I’m so glad Yamato has been releasing some very good toys: the ones in the 1980’s were a little chunky.

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