Macross TV Episode 4: Lynn Minmay

Episode 4’s title is “Lynn Minmay”, whereas in Robotech, it’s “The Long Wait”.  In this episode, Hikaru and Minmay tough it out in the SDF-1 and are trapped in some unexplored area of the ship.  We learn a lot about both characters’ outlook on life and their life experiences.

First, we learn that Minmay doesn't know what a compass is. She only knows the compass used to draw circles.

Roy wants to look for Hikaru, but Global argues the 50,000 civilians are more important than just one person. In Robotech, it's 70,000 civilians.

Minmay wants to take a shower

Hikaru tries to peek, but Minmay catches him

There's a similar Minmay shower scene in DYRL. On the Robotech Remastered DVD, there's nudity.

Minmay wakes up when she feels something running down her torso, and of course, accuses Hikaru. But it was really a rat. In Robotech, it's a mouse. I guess the Robotech writers thought children would consider mice less nasty than rats?

To track the number of days, Minmay scratches marks on Hikaru's racer. Hikaru gets upset. Maybe Minmay thought the racer was so damaged, some scratches wouldn't matter. But the principle is that you don't damage a guy's vehicle. It's a guy thing. This also shows Minmay's lack of consideration of other people's property.

We learn that Minmay grew up in Yokohama, and her family had a Chinese restaurant.

Hikaru wants to explore outside the ship by going through a giant airlock, which gives him a flashback about the Zentradi soldier he saw. In Robotech, the flashback is omitted, and Minmay mentions she can be home in time for dinner, but how is that possible given that they're in outer space? Anyway, a big tuna outside catches their attention. I had a good giggle when Hikaru and Minmay are thinking of tuna sashimi (raw fish). Sashimi wasn't mentioned in Robotech.

Hikaru retrieves only the tuna's head, and we learn that the tuna's teeth tore Hikaru's flight suit after the airlock closed. In Robotech, Rick just mentions his suit tore because the tuna fell on him.

Hikaru tells Minmay that Roy is such a womanizer. In Robotech, he describes his flying competitions.

We learn that Minmay took singing lessons when she was in middle school. In Robotech, Rick says he was a junior nature scout. In Macross, Hikaru just says he's flown planes all his life.

After being stranded for almost two weeks, Minmay starts getting desperate. She says they will end up as dinner for the rats. It's toned down in Robotech: she just says no one will find them.

The tuna ended up as the rats' dinner, too.

Minmay gets even more desperate. She suggests committing suicide by throwing themselves into space! This was not in Robotech!

Oh, boy.

Hikaru is more positive. He tells Minmay she's lucky to be still alive.

Minmay calls Hikaru a coward for being afraid to die

Minmay’s getting desperate reminded me of Misa’s getting desperate in DYRL:  after Hikaru and her land on Earth, and find it completely destroyed by the Zentradi, Misa gets really down on herself.

Back to Macross, a huge missile head falls through the ceiling.

The mayor sees Minmay! They're saved!

Minmay completely changes her desperate/suicidal attitude to a cheerful one

Misa announces that a skirmish with the Zentradi is over, but in Robotech, Lisa talks about a construction accident, referring to the missile head.

The narrator challenges the audience, just what kind of person is Minmay? She has psychological issues! Or another way to look at it, people behave differently when faced with the possibility of death.

Next Episode:  “Transformation”!


One response to “Macross TV Episode 4: Lynn Minmay

  1. Yay! Nice bit of the show. The tuna scene was fabulous. ^_^

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