Macross TV Episode 5: Transformation

Episode 5, “Transformation”, gives us the first glimpse at how the SDF-1 transforms.

At the beginning of the episode, Minmay convinces her aunt and uncle to re-open their Chinese restaurant. Minmay's uncle is concerned about having enough food to serve the public, and Minmay suggests that they should be able to get extra food rations, just like they did during the Unification Wars.

Minmay tells the mayor and his wife that they're re-opening their restaurant. Check out those Princess Leia-like hair buns on Minmay!

Minmay says the name of her aunt and uncle's restaurant, Nyan Nyan, which is the same name of the restaurant in Macross Frontier where Ranka works. Nice parallel for two ingenues, huh? This restaurant name is not in Robotech, probably because the editors thought it would sound too much like "nyah nyah"?

The soldiers order ramen. In Robotech, they order chow mein. Strange to have ramen in a Chinese restaurant!

We learn that because the fold system disappeared, the connection between the main reactor and the main guns is gone. In Robotech, the officer is Dr. Lang, but in Macross, he has no name. To fire the main gun, the SDF-1 has to transform.

Hikaru mopes at his racer's condition, and Roy finds him and cheers him up. Roy's comment reminds us that Hikaru is someone who doesn't give up.

Hikaru says his racer is the most important thing to him besides his own life.

Roy shows Hikaru some VF-1A's launching. I really like the tan/white contrast on those cannon-fodder VF-1A's.

Roy explains that the valkyries are powered by a nuclear reactor.

Hikaru asks Roy if a girl (Minmay) can change overnight (from desperate to totally normal)

Roy confirms that Minmay is the type of girl who's fickle

Roy suggests Hikaru better go after Minmay before some other guy does.We learn that the Zentradi call humans "miclones". In Robotech, it's micronians. I guess miclones implies that humans are clones.

Zentradi should avoid any contact with miclones!

Back on the SDF-1, Hikaru is about to knock on Minmay's door, which has a cute rabbit name plate. This close-up was omitted in Robotech.

This is the real reason Minmay ran back to her house from the shelter: it's an audition letter. In Robotech, Minmay said she had to go get her diary. In this scene in Robotech, Rick says Minmay got accepted to the Miss Macross competition, but as we can see, that's just not the case!

Hikaru starts getting down on himself. While a battle rages, Hikaru says Roy is taking care of everything. Minmay tells him he's a great pilot, too.

Hikaru thinks he's not special at all to Minmay--he's just like any soldier who eats at her restaurant. He then wishes the city were destroyed. In Robotech, he wishes they were never rescued.

After the SDF-1 transforms and destroys some Zentradi battleships, Hikaru decides to join the military!

The next episode is “Daedalus Attack”!  In Robotech, it’s “Blitzkrieg”.

2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 5: Transformation

  1. Ever wonder how many civilians get killed in those impromptu transformations?

    • Heh. We’re at an age now where we see life realistically, where we really care about other people’s well-being. Yes, I’ve wondered about how many civilians get killed in those impromptu transformations, but I realize the writers showed us those scenes in order to feel the danger of living on the SDF-1, whose citizens were under constant threat from a formidable foe.

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