Macross TV Episode 6: Daedalus Attack

In this episode, Misa comes up with a way to destroy Zentradi battleships. In Robotech, this episode is called “Blitzkrieg”, which means a swift attack.

At the beginning of this episode, we see Hikaru doing some military training.

Hikaru trains in a VF-1J!

On his first leave, Hikaru goes shopping with Minmay at a women's clothing store. Misa, Kim, and Shammy (sans Vanessa) come in later, and head for the lingerie section, right next to the fitting room where Minmay is trying on a dress, and Hikaru is fumbling with putting groceries inside a huge paper bag.

You would think that Hikaru has enough common sense not to be on the floor in a lingerie section!

Misa, Kim, and Shammy are shocked to see a guy in the lingerie section. Shammy's expression is priceless.

The fold system energy can be harnessed as some sort of barrier system.

Exsedol doesn't understand why the SDF-1 had to transform

Britai and Exsedol talk about what they're going to do: if the SDF-1 activates electronic countermeasures (ECM) in Saturn's rings, the Zentradi can't track the SDF-1. I'm guessing that the SDF-1 will attempt to create decoys with the rocks in the rings of Saturn.

Since Britai doesn’t want to lose track of the SDF-1, he decides to go attack it.

Meanwhile, back on the SDF-1, after their shopping trip, Minmay and Hikaru go back to the Chinese restaurant. Minmay's aunt feels Hikaru's bicep and comments on how strong she thinks Hikaru looks.

Roy interrupts Hikaru and tells him he's going into battle.

Hikaru is one of five soldiers chosen to go into battle.

Minmay wishes Hikaru good luck. Don't her eyes look like her DYRL-drawn eyes?

Roy and Hikaru walk outside the military barracks. Roy explains to Hikaru he's getting his own room now. He no longer will stay in the communal room.

Misa, Vanessa, Kim, and Shammy are walking in the opposite direction of Roy and Hikaru, and Kim recognizes Hikaru as "Mr. Lingerie", a nickname also used in Robotech.

Misa introduces herself to Hikaru.

Hikaru remembers Misa, the old lady (obaa-san).

Misa lets Hikaru have it. What a lasting first impression each of them has made on one another!

Getting in her shot, Shammy calls Hikaru "ecchi", or a pervert.

A nice shot of the SDF-1 bridge with rocks floating around

Misa activates ECM

Misa states that the Zentradi won't be able to locate them.

The soldiers on the SDF-1 get a battle briefing.

Hikaru and Minmay meet at night before Hikaru goes into battle the next day. Hikaru is so stressed out that he doesn't recognize Minmay is wearing her new dress.

Hikaru and Minmay have their picture taken by a camera robot. That robot must have one good flash--have you tried taking a night-time picture with a bright waterfall in back of your subject?

Minmay says bye, not at all concerned that she may not see Hikaru again

But Hikaru's definitely worried that he may not come back from battle.

Back on the bridge, Captain Global learns that the barrier system will work, and it's called the pinpoint barrier because three circular shielded regions can be moved around the ship using trackballs! Sounds like Missile Command to me!

The next morning, after not much sleep, Hikaru takes off. We learn he's part of Roy's Skull Squadron.

After doing a loop, Hikaru gets scolded by Misa because he may give away his position away to the enemy. Hikaru refers to Misa as an old lady again. Maybe Hikaru likes younger women only?

Claudia also complains about Hikaru's insubordination, but Misa says she doesn't mind. Misa's tough.

Meanwhile, Britai orders Captain Zeril to capture the SDF-1. In Robotech, Captain Zeril has the same name.

The valkyries launch an assault on Captain Zeril's battleship. Exsedol is shocked that the miclones are brave enough to attack.

Captain Zeril fires at the SDF-1. We see women using trackballs to guide the pinpoint barriers.

Ah, the stress of Missile Command: not being able to move the trackball fast enough across the screen to intercept an incoming missile!

Laser intercepted!

Besides the Skull Squadron, all the other squadrons take heavy casualties.

When the SDF-1 can't fire its main gun, Misa thinks of a way to attack with the pinpoint barrier.

Destroids to the front of the Daedalus!

Hikaru gets close to the surface of the enemy battleship in his signature white VF-1J battroid!

Hikaru goes through an airlock and comes face-to-face with a Zentradi soldier, who's so shocked at seeing Hikaru's battroid that he can't act.

Hikaru raises his gunpod at the Zentradi soldier, but he can't fire.

Daedalus attack begins!

The pinpoint barrier protects the front of the Daedalus, which busts through the Zentradi battleship

The Daedalus stops right in front of Captain Zeril's bridge. The Destroids unleash all of their missiles, which destroy the battleship!

Britai and Exsedol are shocked that the SDF-1 destroyed Captain Zeril's ship. Britai calls for re-inforcements. Maybe they just need to try a different strategy for capturing the SDF-1. How about surrounding the SDF-1 with enough ships instead of just attacking with one?

Roy re-assures Hikaru that Roy was also hesitant with the trigger at first. Hikaru has no trouble destroying Zentradi now, but he's getting de-sensitized to war.

There was a lot going on in this episode.  The war between the Zentradi and the miclones rages on, and we see how war affects different people, from the experienced (Roy) to the inexperienced (Hikaru), and the naive (Minmay).


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