Macross TV Episode 7: Bye Bye Mars

In this episode, the Zentradi finally come up with a plausible plan to capture the SDF-1.  Kamjin Kravshera (Khyron in Robotech) also makes his first appearance:  although he’s a little crazy, he’s the most worthy, hands-on Zentradi commander, in contrast to Britai and Bodolza, who are managers.  🙂

Even before we meet Kamjin, Exsedol shows us Kamjin is infamous.

We learn Kamjin's nickname, the "Ally Killer". In Robotech, Exadore says Khyron's nickname is "The Backstabber". The bright light on Britai's face is from Kamjin's ships de-folding too close to Britai's.

Kamjin's ships de-fold so close to Britai's ships that they bump into each other.

Finally, we see Kamjin, who we learn bet that he wouldn't hit too many of Britai's ships.

The valkyries have been fighting the Zentradi for three straight days. Here, we see Roy's VF-1S firing all of its missiles.

After the Zentradi fall back, Hikaru meets Minmay in town, and we see a conversation with a very mature theme: the authorities have sugar-coated the truth about enemy and human casualties.

Minmay and Hikaru then go to a tea house, holding hands! We don't see their holding hands in Robotech!

In the tea house, Minmay invites Hikaru to her birthday party next week, on October 10th. We learn that it'll be Minmay's 16th birthday. Wait, is Hikaru robbing the cradle? Digging around the Web, I found that Hikaru is supposed to be 16 in 2009. He sure doesn't look like 16!

Minmay sitting with Hikaru at the teahouse. This is one of Minmay's cuter poses.

Meanwhile, back on the bridge, the SDF-1 is receiving a transmission from Mars. "If mice could swim they would float with the tide and play with the fish down by the seaside. The cats on the shore would quickly agree."

We learn that the transmission is coming from Mars Base Salla. In Robotech, it's Mars Base Sarah.

Mars Base Salla brings back intense memories for Misa. In this shot, Misa looks quite mature.

Misa was in love with Riber (RYE-ber) Fruhling. In Robotech, it's Carl Riber (REE-ber).

We learn that Misa's father helped Riber get a transfer to Mars Base Salla. In Robotech, that's not true: Carl says he wants to keep his transfer a secret from Lisa's father.

Riber admits he doesn't like fighting: he'd rather have a desk job at an observation base.

Desk job for me, please.

Misa decides to join the military so she can be with Riber. How many of you took a class or a job just to be close to someone you were interested in?

Riber kisses Misa on the cheek. Notice the kiss is on the cheek, not on the mouth. Very important distinction. Riber wasn't as interested in Misa to stay with her, but Misa was willing to follow him where he went!


Captain Global decides to go to Mars Base Salla to replenish supplies. Once the SDF-1 lands, it deploys Destroid Spartans to guard the supply transport vehicles.

A Konig Monster is also sent out!

We also see the orange VF-1D again.

While Hikaru and Roy guard the transport vehicles, they chat about Minmay's upcoming birthday party. Hikaru learns from Roy that everyone got invites!

The Zentradi's plan to capture the SDF-1 is to activate gravity mines beneath Mars Base Salla. Those mines prevent the SDF-1's anti-gravity systems from functioning properly. Kamjin's troops must wait until the mines are at 100%. One soldier runs out of patience, and Kamjin shoots him. Here, we see the downed soldier in a somewhat comical shot, which was omitted from Robotech.

Gravity mines at 100%!

The SDF-1 is a sitting duck! No, wait! Captain Global remembers a reactor beneath the base, which if they can blow up, will neutralize the gravity mines.

Misa went to the base to look for the source of the transmission, and to find any signs of Riber. After putting the reactor into overload, she finds Riber's room.

With the reactor explosion being imminent, Roy orders Hikaru to rescue Misa. Hikaru smashes the window to the room, and Misa is mad at Hikaru for damaging the room. Ah, what love can do to some people!

Hikaru gets a little pissed off that he's risking himself now while Misa is being unreasonable. He grabs Misa against her will and takes off away from the base as quickly as possible.

The reactor explodes, and the SDF-1 takes off. Kamjin exclaims, "Nan-da?" (What?!) as in "What's happening?", while in Robotech, he says, "They're mad!" Nice psychological difference, there.

Kamjin doesn't give up!

Back on the SDF-1, Misa still longs for Riber. Hikaru doesn't know why Misa is behaving strangely. In Robotech, the narrator says Rick has a growing attraction for Misa. I don't think Hikaru has thought that yet, but Misa has sure made a couple of lasting impressions.

At this point, Macross has some very complex emotions about love going on.  These themes really impressed me when I first observed them.

Next episode:  “Longest Birthday”!


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