Macross TV Episode 8: Longest Birthday

In this episode, Minmay celebrates her sixteenth birthday.  In Robotech, this episode is called “Sweet Sixteen”, but Macross calls it “Longest Birthday” because Hikaru doesn’t give Minmay her birthday gift until it’s almost too late.

At the beginning of the episode, Hikaru tries to think of what present to give to Minmay.

Hikaru's thoughts are interrupted when he's called for duty. To his surprise, he is awarded a Titanium Medal for rescuing Misa from Mars Base Salla.

Not only does HIkaru receive an award, but Roy promotes him to 2nd Lieutenant.

Roy gives him the pin for being 2nd Lieutenant, and tells him to wear that instead of his Titanium Medal. In Robotech, Roy asks him to wear the pin next to his medal.

Hikaru also gets two direct reports, the first of whom is Hayao Kakizaki.

Hikaru's second direct report is Maximilian Jenius

We meet Max and Hayao (Ben Dixon in Robotech). Max has a much deeper voice in Macross than he does in Robotech.

Hikaru decides to bring Max and Hayao with him to Minmay's birthday party in order to show Minmay his bump in status.

Meanwhile, Misa learns that Hikaru got promoted because of her.

Hikaru doesn't tell Max and Hayao where they're going, so Hayao assumes they're going to a strip club. Of course, this scene was omitted in Robotech.

Hikaru, Max, and Hayao go to Nyan Nyan Restaurant, where we see Minmay wearing a beautiful Chinese dress, and her signature hair buns.

Minmay notices Max's good looks. Uh oh, watch out, Hikaru!

Hikaru doesn't have a gift to give to Minmay. Uh oh.

Minmay suggests that Hikaru should sing as her birthday present. In Robotech, Minmay just suggests that Hikaru sing.

Even the mayor notices that Minmay has taken a liking for Max, and that Hikaru might lose her.

Minmay is just a little too chummy with Max.

Suddenly, all soldiers are called in for duty. They all pile into a taxi.

Hayao thinks Minmay is a hottie.

Kamjin starts his own attack on the SDF-1. After one group acts as a decoy, Kamjin's group goes in, and Hikaru's squadron engages. Here, we see Max's blue/white VF-1A make mince meat of several Regult pods.

Hikaru is impressed with Max's skill.

Hayao wastes ammunition, but Max doesn't!

Hikaru and Kamjin have a gladiator-passing moment. Hikaru's valkyrie's head gets damaged, and he loses his left arm.

Hikaru hits Kamjin's battlepod, which loses its left arm.

Britai recalls Kamjin's forces because Kamjin wasn't ordered to attack. Back on the SDF-1, Hayao calls Max a genius for having destroyed several Regult pods.

After parting with Max and Hayao, Hikaru admits that he doesn't like management.

Hikaru suddenly remembers he needs to give Minmay a birthday gift. He goes over to Nyan Nyan, and Minmay sees him outside her window.

Hikaru gives Minmay his Titanium Medal for her birthday.

Minmay's happy with her gift. She makes her signature scrunchie face.

Giving Minmay his medal was all worth it.

When the episode ends, we learn that the SDF-1 has been in space for 8 months.

Next Episode:  “Miss Macross”!


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