Macross TV Episode 9: Miss Macross

In this episode, Minmay enters the Miss Macross Contest, a beauty contest aired as the first show by the Macross Broadcasting System.

A good profile shot of Minmay. Notice the various shades of her hair. Hikaru and Minmay are meeting in a coffee/tea shop.

A famous movie star, Jamis Merin (Jan Morris in Robotech), is on board the SDF-1, and also enters the Miss Macross contest. Hikaru and Minmay also talk about the artificial sky.

Splash screen for the Miss Macross Contest

Three Zentradi soldiers are sent by Britai in a recon ship to record a clearer signal of the Miss Macross Contest.

Hikaru rides a bicycle to the stadium where the contest is happening

Minmay tells the judges she has no boyfriend!

Minmay says she has lots of male friends, though. Poor Hikaru... she's just not that into you!

We also learn that Minmay was an only child

Hikaru gets paged on the loudspeaker. He goes to a phone booth, and gets reprimanded by Misa, who wonders why he was initially unavailable because he's the on-call contact, and she needs him to go investigate the enemy recon ship. Hikaru lies and says he was eating.

Hikaru boards an armored VF-1J!

The Zentradi aboard the recon ship watch the contest, and are shocked that men and women are together on the SDF-1.

Hikaru watches the contest in his VF-1J, and suddenly, almost crashes into the recon ship. The red blip is his computer warning him of the enemy target.

The three Zentradi are shocked at the skimpy battle armor that Minmay is wearing (chuckle).

Hikaru unleashes all of his armor's missiles, which don't damage the recon ship at all. The recon ship fires back, damaging Hikaru's armor. Hikaru jettisons his armor, then continues attacking.

The Zentradi have to abandon ship!

Hikaru enters the recon ship, and sees the Zentradi's escape pod leave the ship. Then, the recon ship blows up. Luckily, although Hikaru's battroid gets damaged, he's still alive.Meanwhile, back on the SDF-1, after the bridge bunnies observe the recon ship being destroyed, everyone immediately switches to the Miss Macross Contest. No one, not even Misa, bothers to check that Hikaru is okay.

The audience votes for who they think should win.

Minmay wins! Jamis is totally shocked because she thought she would win. Her reaction reminds me of how Faith Hill reacted when she didn't win an award.

Minmay crowned Miss Macross!

Hikaru regains consciousness, and sees Minmay as Miss Macross. He feels even more distant from her.

Next episode:  “Blind Game”