Macross TV Episode 10: Blind Game

This episode is called “Blind Game” because the SDF-1 loses its radar, and is “flying blind”.

The forces on Earth instruct the crew of the SDF-1 to buy time.

As a result of a skirmish with the Zentradi, Hayao's valkyrie is damaged. Hikaru decides to return to the SDF-1 for repairs, but Misa disagrees. Roy sides with Hikaru. Guess how Misa feels about that...

Meanwhile, the Zentradi plot their next move. Kamjin decides to let an older Zentradi shoot a warning shot at the SDF-1, hoping that the shot hits the SDF-1 instead of missing it.

Kamjin's villainous laugh!

Hikaru waits for Minmay in the park. Shammy asks Hikaru if Minmay is prettier than her, Vanessa, or Kim. Hikaru says Minmay's about the same as them. In Robotech, Rick says, "It's not polite to make comparisons."

Minmay calls Hikaru on a videophone, and says she can't make it because she has a singing lesson.

The Zentradi fire warning shots at the SDF-1, and the lasers cause tremors throughout the SDF-1, like in this coffee/tea house. There sure are a lot of coffee/tea houses...

The Zentradi's warning shots melt the SDF-1's radar.

Kamjin's ship's laser shot hits the radar room directly

All radar room personnel are killed.

Claudia and Misa spot a valkyrie outside the bridge, and the pilot was killed. Misa is reminded of what Hikaru told her, that she's safer on the SDF-1 than the valkyrie pilots are in the vacuum of space.

The Zentradi order the SDF-1 to surrender. Global ignores the transmission.

From what Hikaru said and from the dead pilot she saw, Misa is compelled to go out into space on a recon mission. Hikaru, Max, and Hayao escort her Cat's Eye recon ship. In this screenshot, we see one of the valkyries has missiles on their tail fins. We never see this again...

The Cats Eye bumps into an asteroid, knocking Misa unconscoious and killing the Cats Eye pilot. A Zentradi ship captures the Cats Eye.

Hikaru, Max, and Hayao follow the Cats Eye into the Zentradi battleship. They scare the Zentradi soldiers away with gunfire.

Hikaru uses his battroid to get Misa out of the Cats Eye. He hesitates putting Misa down, and Max and Hayao comment on how Hikaru gets weak in the knees around Misa.

Britai attacks the valkyries, and Max has Hayao fire two missiles at the ceiling. Max then throws Britai out of the ship. The vacuum of space doesn't hurt Britai at all!

Britai returns, and smashes Hayao's battroid!

Next episode:  “First Contact”!


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