Macross TV Episode 11: First Contact

“First Contact” is about direct interaction between the Zentradi and our heroes from Earth.

Hikaru fights hand-to-hand with Britai, who overpowers Hikaru's battloid. Hikaru tries to escape by ejecting, but Britai catches him.

Britai and Exsedol discover that the miclones are genetically and physically structured very much like the Zentradi

The Zentadi and miclones can relate to each other because they're genetically similar!

Now we hear Hikaru's chauvinistic attitude towards women.

More chauvinism. In Robotech, Rick just says some missions shouldn't be given to women.

Exsedol suggests that Britai take Hikaru, Misa, and Hayao to their supreme leader, Bodolzaa

Misa reacts to Hikaru's chauvinism

Misa tells Hikaru she can't believe he got promoted

Misa takes out her small video recorder

Back on the SDF-1, because he hasn't heard from Misa in a while, Global considers that she may be dead

We learn from Minmay's gal pals that her debut is in ten days. (This part is omitted in Robotech.)

When Minmay returns to Nyan Nyan Restaurant, Roy is waiting for her. Roy tells her Hikaru hasn't returned from battle.

Minmay can't believe it, and runs to the park.

Minmay's fame grows. She gets photographed for a military recruiting poster.

In a flashback, when HIkaru thinks of Minmay while Britai's ship is in a hyperspace fold jump, we learn that Minmay's debut song is "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot"

Also in the flashback, we learn that Minmay will be singing her debut song on "The Sunday Show"

Britai's battle ship de-folds, and Hikaru, Misa, and Hayao see Bodolzaa's home base

Elsewhere on Britai's ship, Max knocks out a Zentradi soldier and takes his uniform.

On Bodolzaa's base, Bodolzaa summarizes the oddities of the SDF-1: possession of nuclear weapons and a society where men and women are together

Bodolzaa hopes the miclones are not the Protoculture. In Robotech, protoculture is a fuel.

Bodolzaa introduces himself to Hikaru, Hayao, and Misa

Bodolzaa asks how the miclones encountered the Supervision Army, who had the SDF-1

We learn that for the Zentradi, fighting is the only way of life

Max looks for Hikaru, Hayao, and Misa. His Zentradi uniform catches a Zentradi's attention, but not enough for the Zentradi to sound an alarm.

After witnessing how the Zentradi can obliterate an entire planet, Misa stands up to Bodolzaa.

The Zentradi ask how miclones are born

Wow, a birds-and-the-bees discussion!

Bodolzaa demands to see kissing

Misa orders Hikaru to kiss her

Misa admits to Hikaru she'd rather kiss him than Hayao

Misa and Hikaru kiss, the beginning of a wonderful relationship...

Bodolzaa reacts, and realizes the miclones are Protoculture! He orders that the miclones be removed from his sight.

Hayao doesn't like Zentradi's culture.

Bodolzaa gives a Pete Mitchell / Top Gun introduction to what he's about to say

The Protoculture are the Zentradi ancestors, actually, their creators who used genetic engineering

Bodolzaa explained the Protoculture also had men and women living together

And now a warning...

Any Zentradi coming into contact with miclones/Protoculture will lose the will to fight! In Robotech, Dolza explains the secrets of protoculture are aboard the SDF-1.

The three Zentradi soldiers think Bodolzaa's warning has to do with how the Protoculture love each other.

During her debut, Minmay sings her song, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot". In Robotech, even though Minmay told Rick the title of her debut song ("My Boyfriend Is a Pilot"), Minmay sings "This is my time to be a star".

While Minmay sings, we see that Roy and Claudia are a couple

Next episode:  “Big Escape”!


One response to “Macross TV Episode 11: First Contact

  1. It embarrasses me to admit this, but just last year- after watching this episode many times, reading the novel at least three times, just last freak’n year!- did I finally realize that Max was hiding in a bathroom and looks at a toilet. I stink.

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