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Macross TV Episode 22: Love Concert

In this episode, Minmay gives a concert, and sings, “Love Flows By”, which has quite an effect on the audience.  Robotech’s episode title is, “Battle Hymn”.

Loli, Warera, and Conda show off their Minmay doll to their colleagues. This particular scene of showing the switch on the back of the doll was omitted in Robotech.

Show-offs with their arms folded.

The spies' colleagues like the way Minmay's songs make them feel

Kamjin hears of the chaos on Britai's ship, and just wants to destroy the Macross.

Bodolzaa reviews footage of Minmay's movie and the barrier system explosion, and is convinced the miclones are the Protoculture. He wants to capture a miclone to collect more data, then destroy the Macross.

Some Zentradi want to defect in order to have things they've never had.

Hikaru thinks the war with the Zentradi is senseless. He's already lost Roy and Hayao. He hears Minmay's singing...

Hikaru finds a new purpose to the war: to protect Minmay

Minmay sings a new song, "Love Flows By". In Robotech, she sings, "To Be In Love"

Shammy wishes she were in love

Claudia remembers Roy. In Minmay's song, one line is "And march in step", which reminds me of the previous episode in which Hikaru and Misa are walking in step.

When hearing Minmay's song, Misa thinks of Kaifun, but shakes her head.

When Minmay finishes her song, the crowd cheers

While the crowd cheers, Kaifun studies Minmay

Close-up of Kaifun's eye. Macross has no dialogue here, but in Robotech, he says to himself how he can't do anything to stop the war

The Regults and Nousjadeul-Ger forces wait. But we never see a Nousjadeul-Ger. In Robotech, we hear Khyron give orders to the battlepod and "cyclops" forces.

Global scrambles the valkyries. Here, we see Hikaru in his VF-1s in the front.

The Macross takes heavy fireKaifun wants to continue Minmay's concert despite the city shaking from the Zentradi attack

Kaifun asks Minmay to sing

The crowd returns to their seats, and start clapping to her song

Exsedol suggests using Britai's battleship to prevoke a Daedalus Attack, so that battlepods can board the Macross. His plan works.

A Konig Monster and Destroid are under attack from the battlepods that boarded the Macross

Misa orders Hikaru back on board to fight the battlepods in Macross City. Kamjin follows them on board. This scene reminds me of Darth Vader's TIE fighter flanked by two minions.

Misa thinks again of Kaifun

Misa wants Hikaru to save Kaifun, too

A stray laser shot hits the ceiling of the concert hall, sending lights falling, one of which hits Kaifun

Two Zentradi battlepod pilots watch Kaifun and Minmay hit the ground, and are stunned

Hikaru gets to the scene, and knocks the two battlepods to the ground, and wonders why they weren't attacking

Milia sees Max's blue battloid. The characters' faces in this episode were poorly drawn, in my opinion, and Milia looks a little cross-eyed in this shot.

While Minmay nurses his wound, Kaifun watches Minmay. What's with the black eyes? Did the animators forget to draw her eyes?

Hikaru charges, exclaiming, "Minmay!!"

Next episode:  “Drop Out”