Macross TV Episode 12: Big Escape

In this episode, Max helps Hikaru, Misa, and Hayao escape the clutches of their Zentradi captors.

Bodolzaa wants to plant spies on the SDF-1

We discover Bodolzaa wants the SDF-1's reaction weaponry and ship repair technology.

These things would give the Zentradi an advantage over the Supervision Army, to whom the SDF-1 belongs.

Meanwhile, Max finds the room where Hikaru, Misa, and Hayao are being held. Thinking that Max is a Zentradi, Hikaru and Misa kiss in order to stun him. When Max reveals his identity, he puts the two lovebirds in one pocket, and Hayao in another.

Max pokes fun at Hikaru.

Misa is supposedly 19 years old, whereas Hikaru is 16.

Max is quite honorable when it comes to keeping secrets.

Max is discovered when a Zentradi soldier finds an unconscious guard in Hikaru/Misa/Hayao's cell. He flees in gerwalk mode, and crashes through the small command room where Bodolzaa, Britai, and Exsedol are in.

Max's valkryie gets hit, and our heroes have to evacuate. Watch out!

Hikaru and Misa stumble upon the miclonization chambers, in which the three Zentradi soldiers from the recon mission are being shrunk to human size.

Misa and Hikaru can't believe what they're seeing.

Bodolzaa blames Britai for the captives' escaping.

Misa guesses that the Zentradi used to be human size.

But to gain an advantage over the Supervision Army, the Zentradi used genetic engineering to increase their size.

Misa's almost right. It was the Protoculture peeps who used genetic engineering to make the Zentradi.

A Zentradi soldier overhears Hikaru and Misa talking, and grabs Misa. Hikaru picks up a rifle and fires.

This scene is omitted in Robotech--too violent!

If Hikaru is pointing his rifle upwards, how is he getting multiple hits when the Zentradi soldier is on the ground?

Hikaru saves Misa, even though Misa thinks everything is over because she dropped her microrecorder.

Hikaru and Misa flee, but some Zentradi soldiers shoot at them, causing the ground beneath them to crumble. They fall into a pool of water, and Hikaru wakes up to see a beautiful Misa with non-bunned hair.

Misa pulled Hikaru out of the water. There's nothing like saving each other's lives to make lasting impressions!

Hikaru and Misa wonder why the Zentradi don't repair their ships. The pool of water was from water used for cooling something.

Nope, sorry Hikaru. Good guess, though.

Misa has always been obsessed with her job

Misa was at the top of her class at her military academy.

Misa has quite the reputation among the pilots.

Misa pokes fun at Hikaru.

Misa envies Hikaru.

Misa admits she's married to her job.

Hikaru semi-compliments Misa, saying that if she were more lady-like like she is now, she'll find someone. C'mon Hikaru, why can't you say Misa's a good kisser?

The leader of the three Zentradi soldiers is Loli Dosel, and the other two are Warera and Conda. In Robotech, the leader is Rico, and the other two are Bron and Konda.

Hikaru and Misa get a glimpse of the large Zentradi fleet.

Hikaru and Misa re-unite with Max and Hayao.

Milia is introduced. If everyone in the Zentradi are military, who cuts everyone's hair? Milia must spend a fortune on her hair.

Laplamiz (Azonia in Robotech) warns Milia how dangerous the miclones are.

We learn that Milia is an ace pilot, just like Max!

Milia boards her Quaedluun-Rau. If only Yamato would make a green one...

Our heroes board a Regult, and blast their way out into space. Misa calls for help.

Our heroes are rescued by three valkyries, who take them back to the SDF-1. Then we see Hikaru running in Macross City.

Hikaru is running towards Nyan Nyan Restaurant to see Minmay!

We see Minmay on some advertisement billboard. Hikaru, you're in for a very different Minmay!

Next episode:  “Blue Wind”


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