Macross TV Episode 13: Blue Wind

In this episode, Konda, Warera, and Loli have their first experiences of civilian life in Macross City, and the SDF-1 returns to Earth.

Loli, Conda, and Warera search for uniforms in the room where Kim, Vanessa, and Shammy changed clothes. They break open the lockers. I don't remember seeing them do this when I saw Robotech, but the Re-mastered Robotech has this scene.

Meanwhile, Misa leads the de-briefing to Captain Global and other officers, the latter of whom don't believe her story about the Zentradi. Hayao is impressed that Misa remembered so much about their encounter, and Hikaru comments that Misa is just at a higher brain level than Hayao is. In Robotech, Ben comments that the officers don't believe them, and Rick comments that it's because of Ben's dishonest face. When the de-briefing is over, and Global orders them to take leave, Hayao exclaims that he's going to eat a lot, a dialogue line omitted in Robotech.

In a scene omitted in Robotech but in Macross, Conda accidentally bumps into a woman on the street, and the woman calls him a pervert.

Loli, Conda, and Warera are shocked that the miclone men and women interact so closely with one another.

The funniest scene in this episode is when the three Zentradi realize that Warera is wearing female clothes!

Misa, Hikaru, Max, and Hayao are given public recognition in the same concert hall where the Miss Macross contest took place. When Minmay gives each of them flowers, and it's Hikaru's turn, Minmay tells Hikaru how much more famous they both are. Hikaru is shocked about how famous Minmay is now, and rightly so: he doesn't seek fame as much as she does. In Robotech, this dialogue is replaced with Minmay telling Rick how handsome he is. In my opinion, I like the original dialogue better because it reveals how Hikaru and Minmay want different things. Other differences is that Misa got promoted to Captain, but only Lt. Commander in Robotech. Hikaru got promoted to 1st Lieutenant in Macross, but is 2nd Lieutenant in Robotech.

Minmay starts singing her debut song, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot" ("This Is My Time to Be a Star" in Robotech). Loli, Konda, and Warera are there, too, and wonder how Hikaru, Misa, Max, and Hayao escaped, a dialogue line omitted in Robotech.

Meanwhile, Laplamiz is now in charge of pursuing the SDF-1, and has her ships surround the SDF-1 without attacking because Bodolzaa did not order her to attack. Kamjin, however, takes matters into his own hands and attacks the SDF-1 with a laser barrage. Laplamiz forces Kamjin to stop by putting her own ships between Kamjin's and the SDF-1, which lets the SDF-1 escape.

The SDF-1 lands in the Pacific Ocean. I like those shiny reflections.

A picturesque scene. The Vermilion and Ghost squadrons followed the SDF-1, and fly by the civilians. In contrast, in Robotech, the valkyries are part of Earth forces, since we hear Ben say that they're getting a fighter welcome.

When the SDF-1 re-enters Earth’s atmosphere, we also see some explosions in the starboard engines because they were damaged by Kamjin’s laser barrage.  In Robotech, the explosions happen only because of re-entry.

Next episode: “Global’s Report”


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