Macross TV Episode 15: Chinatown

In Robotech, this episode’s title is “Homecoming”.

The inhabitants of Macross City celebrate their return to Earth

This short scene was omitted in Robotech.

Conda, Warera, and Loli are getting drunk. In Robotech, Konda says he's drinking punch.

Hikaru and Minmay board the plane that Minmay won in the Miss Macross competition. They fly back to Yokohama, where Minmay's parents live.

Meanwhile, Misa and Captain Global fly to Alaska base. Global explains to Misa that her father was his commander during the Unification Wars.

Minmay and Hikaru arrive in the Chinatown area of Yokohama. Minmay is so happy to be home she starts dancing, and Hikaru tries to stop her. Then, Minmay shows Hikaru some tower, but Hikaru is not impressed. It's these little things that matter in a relationship, and we see that Minmay and Hikaru are not on the same page.

Minmay's parents are shocked to see her, since all of the inhabitants of South Ataria Island were declared dead. Minmay wants to return to the SDF-1 to be a star singer, but Minmay's parents want her to stay. They want her and her future husband to take over the family restaurant. Minmay refuses, and Minmay's mother reminds her that she's their only child.

Minmay reveals that Hikaru is not husband material. Ouch, Hikaru, time to give it up! Robotech changed this line of dialogue, where Minmay just tells her parents not to drag Rick into what they're talking about.

We're introduced to Kaifun, Minmay's cousin. Scary that he has the same color and length of hair as Minmay's, huh?

Kaifun is his first name, and his family name is Lynn. It's customary in Chinese to use a person's family name before the person's first name.

Meanwhile, Misa and Captain Global learn that the inhabitants of Macross City have been declared dead.

The officials want to use the city's inhabitants to keep the Zentradi occupied, since the Zentradi are so interested in their culture.

The civilians are bait!

Misa's father, Admiral Hayase.

Kaifun offers to go with Minmay to the SDF-1 so he can live with his parents, who own Nyan Nyan Restaurant. Hikaru observes the drama. His facial expression is priceless.

As Hikaru, Minmay, and Kaifun fly back, Minmay says she'd be jealous if Kaifun got a girlfriend. Creepy! They're cousins!

Next episode:  “Kung Fu Dandy”


2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 15: Chinatown

  1. In this episode, when Minmay is driven over to the plane that will take her to her hometown a mob is crowding around her limo. She comments how “Yes, I suppose these mobs are part of the price one must pay for fame”. Yet, when she sees Hikaru she tells him how they’re her adoring fans and she loves them for coming to see her off.
    I always thought this two-faced attitude regarding her fame seemed a little bit off and wondered what the original dialogue was in Macross.
    Could you enlighten me?

    • In the original dialogue, the limo driver says, “Come on, outta the way!” and then Minmay says, “I can’t even stop by my uncle’s to say hi anymore.” So her two-faced attitude is only in Robotech’s dialogue, but it makes sense to me because for entertainers and movie stars, they need fans in order to command top dollar, but they must also deal with the dark side of overzealous fans, too, like hiring bodyguards, etc.

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