Macross TV Episode 16: Kung Fu Dandy

Robotech calls this episode, “Battle Cry”, which emphasizes the instense skirmish that happens between Kaifun’s forces and the SDF-1’s forces.  Macross calls this episode, “Kung Fu Dandy”, to emphasize Kaifun’s kung-fu fighting skills.

At the beginning of this episode, Kaifun goes to Nyan Nyan Restaurant, and his mom is stunned to see him. Kaifun's dad completely ignores him, but cries in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Loli, Conda, and Warera have run out of rations, and are really hungry. They find a restaurant with plastic food being displayed, and Loli breaks the glass and eats a plastic shrimp tempura. This was the funniest scene in this episode. The plastic food display reminds me of a lot of Japanese restaurants that show their dishes in display cases, and the plastic food looks so real!

Captain Global tells the bridge bunnies and Claudia that the citizens of Macross City are not allowed to leave the ship. To de-stress, the bridge bunnies along with Misa go to Nyan Nyan Restaurant, where there's a celebration because of Kaifun's return. When Misa sees Kaifun, he reminds her of Riber, her boyfriend who died on Mars Base Salla.

Minmay is on TV, singing her song, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot". I'm getting a little tired of this song...

Minmay's TV show is interrupted by a sudden news bulletin, in which the announcer says all civilians are being quarantined on the SDF-1, and to remain calm and go about business as usual.

In reaction to the news announcement, the people in Nyan Nyan Restaurant get very angry

The people in Nyan Nyan Restaurant take their frustration out on our heroes, since they're wearing military uniforms. They want to hold them as hostages until they're allowed off the SDF-1. In Robotech, the people just want to "get some answers".

Max gets in a fight with one of the citizens, and this sparks a brawl. Here, Hikaru throws a punch. His face is drawn in a very interesting way.

Even though Max is an ace pilot, he gets hit in the brawl.

Kaifun gets involved by hitting someone already in flight. We witness his kung fu moves, but he gets hit in the mouth when someone holds him. After the fight is over, Misa runs to Kaifun and offers her handkerchief, but he refuses since he doesn't like the military. Since Misa's name is on her handkerchief, showing this close-up was omitted in Robotech.

Misa almost calls Kaifun by her ex-boyfriend's name, Riber. No such Freudian slip in Robotech.

This military officer on Earth talks about the SDF-1 being a burden to the people of Earth. In contrast, in Robotech, the officer says, "Heaven help us."

Kamjin launches an attack against the SDF-1.

Hikaru takes off to fight Kamjin's forces. When he takes off, he expresses his jealousy of Kaifun. In Robotech, Rick just says, "Well, here we go again."

Laplamiz disapproves of Kaifun's attack, and sends Milia and others to stop him, and orders Milia not to engage with the miclones. Milia ignores her orders.

Kaifun sends a small battle cruiser to ram the SDF-1, but the SDF-1 counters with a Daedalus attack, which Misa begins a moment too late because of her being distracted thinking of her ex-boyfriend. The Daedalus breaks through the Zentradi cruiser, and fires missiles into open airspace.

Hikaru was pursuing Milia, but unfortunately, Hikaru's valkyrie gets hit by one of the missiles.

Interesting way to depict Hikaru's situation

Hikaru ejected from his cockpit, and is found unconscious in the ocean. He's brought back to the SDF-1, where he undergoes some sort of operation.

Because of Misa's almost missing the Daedalus Attack, Captain Global orders her to take time off in her quarters. (In Robotech, he commends her for a job well-done.) We see Misa cry, and she says she knows Kaifun is not Riber. In Robotech, this line is changed to Lisa feeling sorry for Rick's getting hit by the missiles she fired.

Next episode:  “Phantasm”


2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 16: Kung Fu Dandy

  1. Interesting, the slight differences in the two versions. I can understand the omission of the handkerchief close up, but why change the diolouge when it comes to holding the military hostage? This is a show where major characters die in violent ways. It doesn’t make sense.

    Changing the end scene of the episode to Lisa crying in guilt over shooting down Rick was a good move, I think. It makes her character deeper in my view, more professional, instead of coming off like a school girl pineing over a boy that won’t pay attention to her.

    You missed my favorite shot in this episode, the freeze frame of Rick/Hikaru’s face when his. Valk is hit. The episodes just get better from here on out.

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