Macross TV Episode 17: Phantasm

I found this episode a little weird because it shows what Hikaru is dreaming about while he’s unconscious in a hospital bed.

Hikaru in a hospital bed.

Hikaru's dream begins with his trying to save Minmay a few times, but failing.

The dream scenes are just the same sequences from previous episodes, but with different dialog, of course

Nothing like exclaiming his love for Minmay to show us that he really likes her. But Hikaru, you love a fantasy. It isn't real love.

This short scene wasn't from any previous episode. It's a lead-in to re-using sequences from when Hikaru, Max, Hayao, and Misa were aboard Britai's battleship.

In this scene, Britai holds Minmay in the palm of his hand, and Hikaru comes to rescue her

... only Minmay doesn't want Hikaru to save her because Kaifun won't let her date soldiers!

Britai turns into Kaifun

Hikaru says he quit the military, and Kaifun's character melts into the ground. Hikaru then grabs Minmay, and we hear a new Minmay song, "Zero-G Love", which Minmay sings in DYRL when she's with Hikaru in the training valkryie.

And we hear another Minmay song, "Cinderella".

The mock wedding scene when Hikaru and Minmay were trapped by themselves aboard the SDF-1 turns into a short scene where Hikaru and Minmay are dressed in a white tux and wedding dress, respectively. Remember the scene in DYRL where Hikaru and Minmay are in holographic wedding clothes?

Hikaru and Minmay's tiff gets twisted into Hikaru telling Minmay she's fickle

Hikaru finally wakes up from his bad dream

Next episode:  “Pineapple Salad”


One response to “Macross TV Episode 17: Phantasm

  1. I have mixed feelings about this episode. The first time I saw it when I was eleven I thought it was really good, and it is when you think about it.
    We get a good look at what is going on in Rick/Hikaru’s head, his fears and hopes and more fear. War can bring all those things out in dreams. Man, some of the dreams I had while in Iraq were some of the craziest most confusing dreams I have ever had.
    On the other hand, much like “Gloval’s Report”, I find myself skipping over this episode when rewatching the series.
    (Thanks for adding my favorite cell from last episode. Right click, save.)

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