Macross TV Episode 18: Pineapple Salad

This episode is perhaps the most emotionally moving one in the series because Roy dies.  Quite a turning point for the series’ half-way point!  In Robotech, this episode is “Farewell, Big Brother”.

At the beginning of this episode, Hikaru is still in the hospital. The nurse warns him that he needs to stay for four or five days in order to get more detailed test results.

Misa visits Hikaru. She blames herself for Hikaru's condition, since she gave the order to fire the missiles from the Daedalus. I thought this close-up was well drawn and presented well in slow motion.

Hikaru is amazed to see Misa's emotional side.

When Misa returns to the bridge, Claudia teases her that she likes Hikaru, but Misa says it's not like that.

Meanwhile, back in Hikaru's hospital room, Minmay's "Zero-G Love" plays on the radio.

With Minmay's being a big star, Hikaru feels even more distant from her.

Roy, Max, and Hayao visit Hikaru. Hayao provides some much-needed comedic relief. Max asks if Minmay got Hikaru the flowers, but Hikaru says no. Max then guesses the flowers are from Misa, but Hikaru ignores him.

To find Minmay to ask her to visit Hikaru, Roy asks Claudia to check Minmay's schedule. Claudia discovers Minmay is filming a movie. Claudia then invites Roy for some pineapple salad.

Roy's looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Loli, Conda, and Warera watch a Minmay doll sing and dance, and they want it.

Loli, Conda, and Warera push the merchant's table over, and steal a Minmay doll. They run away, only to be caught by Vanessa, Shammy, and Kim. Shammy calls Loli a "lolicon", which means someone who is attracted to underage girls. Interesting how Loli's name got chosen.

Shammy teases Loli

We learn that Zentradi men are not allowed to speak to women unless they have permission. Loli says he, Conda, and Warera work at the disco across the street. Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim then drag them into the disco. Now why would Shammy want to do that, knowing what these guys just did?

Kamjin warns Milia that the miclones have an ace pilot

Milia immediately wants to fight the miclone ace pilot.

Roy visits Minmay on the movie set, and asks her to visit Hikaru.

Kaifun overhears that Hikaru got injured, and criticizes Roy.

Milia sets out to find the miclone ace pilot. Captain Global orders valkryies to intercept, and doesn't want the SDF-1 to take off because they haven't finished loading supplies.

Milia finds the miclone ace pilot, Max.

Watch out, Milia. Someone is better than you.

Misa realizes the Zentradi are targeting only Max

Meanwhile, Minmay visits Hikaru, and gives an excuse for not getting him anything. Uh, doesn't the hospital have a gift shop?

Minmay tells Hikaru she only gets 2 hours of sleep each night because of her busy schedule.

Minmay falls asleep on Hikaru's bed, and Hikaru watches her with loving eyes.

I like this top-down camera angle

Roy gets hit by three Quaedluun-Raus

Uh oh!

Milia flies towards the SDF-1, and Captain Global orders closing all access, but it's too late: Milia gets inside, and flies into Macross City, right next to Hikaru's window!

It's so cool how Max's battroid glides to a halt, and aims its gunpod

Max hits Milia

Max got you, Milia!

Milia remembers Kamjin's warning

Milia can't believe she's losing. Now if Max hit Milia multiple times, why isn't she injured? In Robotech, Miria says, "You wish to do combat?!"

Milia retreats, but fires a volley of missiles at Max. Max deftly avoids all the missiles by flying towards Milia and transforming back into fighter mode. Max is ordered not to pursue.

Minmay's manager finds her in Hikaru's room, and orders her back to the movie set

Mechanics inspect Roy's damaged SDF-1, and are shocked what they see on Roy's chair (not shown)

Roy is at Claudia's place, waiting for Claudia to finish making pineapple salad.

Roy is glad Hikaru has an ace pilot on his team.

Roy then collapses, and we see the wounds in his back. This scene is also in the Robotech Re-mastered DVD.

Close-up of Claudia's untouched pineapple salad.

Claudia is devastated

Misa tells Hikaru that Roy is dead

Hikaru is shocked

So much was packed into this episode.  Roy dies, and the spotlight is about to center on Hikaru.  In addition, it’s the beginning of Max and Milia’s relationship.

Next episode:  “Burst Point”

2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 18: Pineapple Salad

  1. This clearly is one of the best episodes in the entire series and you, sir, did an excellent job capturing the emotional impact of the events with well choosen screen shots. So much is crammed into this one. The beginning of two relationships, Hikaru and Misa, Max and Milla, Hikaru is getting further and further from Minmay ( even if 80% of that relationship existed only in his mind) and Hikaru knows it.
    The emotional stuff books ends an awesome combat scene where Max’s skill is really put on display and we actually begin to see that, yes, he IS that good. The stand off in the streets on Macross City ends in another of my favorite shots. When Max lowers the muzzle of his GU-11 and stands there looking at Milla… awesome. I have tried for years to recreate that same pose with my VTs but to no avail.
    And, Roys death. The loss of Hikaru’s mentor and his link to his old life. Wow. I cried the forst time is saw this episode. I had my wife read the Robotech novels as an introduction to the world of Robotech/Macross and Roy’s death hit her pretty hard too.
    Again, good job on this one.

  2. “Shammy calls Loli a “lolicon”, which means someone who is attracted to underage girls. Interesting how Loli’s name got chosen.”

    It’s more like how all three of their names were chosen. Warera Loli Conda which, when spoken sounds no different from ‘Warera lolicon da’ which means roughly “We are pedophiles”.

    Minmay is only sixteen, after all.

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