Macross TV Episode 19: Burst Point

This episode, called “Bursting Point” in Robotech to correct the adjective, is another action-packed episode.  I think the episode title refers not only to the SDF-1’s omnidirectional barrier exploding, but also the inflection point in Hikaru and Minmay’s relationship because at the end of the episode, Hikaru hangs up on Minmay and doesn’t visit her in the hospital.

I usually don't show the scene with the episode title, but this shot was too hard to pass up. I really like the view of the SDF-1 as seen by someone in the city below. The episode begins with Captain Global arguing with a military official about flying too low.

Another great shot

We see a cafe on the SDF-1, with Claudia sitting at a table by herself. A Minmay song is playing, with lyrics describing a cafe.

Is Minmay's song, "Silver Moon"? Tears well in Claudia's eyes.

Misa goes to the cafe, too, and decides to leave Claudia alone. She sees Hikaru, and joins him next to a window. I like this shot because it shows Hikaru and Misa can stand together and not say anything, similar to the scene in DYRL when they return from Zentradi captivity and walk down some stairs in civilian clothes and see a billboard playing a Minmay video.

Hikaru explains that the SDF-1 now has an omnidirectional barrier system

Misa is being realistic. Little does she know how Loli, Conda, and Warera will change things dramatically.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the SDF-1, Minmay passes out from exhaustion.

Shammy gets a message from the North American Ontario Autonomous Region, accepting the civlians of the SDF-1.

Meanwhile, Laplamiz explains to Kamjin that they cannot attack until the spy mission is over. In Robotech, she just says, "until this new operation is over."

Of course, Kamjin ignores orders, and wants to attack the SDF-1 and the Earth. He hangs up on Laplamiz.

Then, Milia walks into Laplamiz's command room, and to Laplamiz's astonishment, wants to be a miclone.

We learn that Milia has never been defeated, until she met Max. Now she wants to meet him in person.

Kamjin decides to disobey orders and attack the SDF-1.

Hikaru gets assigned to Roy's VF-1S, and to celebrate that and hearing that the civilians will have a new home, the guys go to a steak place. Hayao indulges himself with a big, thick steak.

Unfortunately, because Kamjin is attacking, everyone is scrambled to their valkyries. Hikaru remembers Roy as he boards Roy's Skull One valkyrie.

Hikaru sees Roy in a mirror. Meanwhile, back on the bridge, Misa and Claudia comment on Hikaru getting Roy's valkyrie. Claudia says, "That boy, huh?" in Macross, but in Robotech, she says, "Well, Roy would have liked that."

While being pursued by four Zentradi fighters, Hikaru changes from fighter to gerwalk to let the fighters fly past him, and then he easily dispatches them.

Meanwhile, Milia makes her way to the SDF-1 to find and meet Max.

Instead of using the SDF-1's main guns, Captain Global decides to enable the omnidirectional barrier system to protect the civilians, since they've been invited to the Ontario region.

Kamjin's battleships open fire on the SDF-1, and the barrier system completely absorbs or deflects every barrage. However, the barrier system starts becoming unstable.

Hikaru gets pessimistic

Misa scolds him for being pessimistic, since Roy would never say anything like Hikaru did. In Robotech, Lisa is nicer: she says that Captain Global wants Rick to know the safety of everyone aboard is in his hands.

Shammy shouts that the barrier system will explode!

Misa ordered Hikaru's squadron to attack the battleships, but now that the barrier system is exploding, she commands them to run! In Robotech, she exclaims, "Rick!"

As the barrier system explodes, it demolishes buildings in the city below, in what resembles an atomic blast.

Hayao gets trapped by the blast wave

Hayao dies, as shown by his ghost-like appearance. I don't remember seeing this scene in Robotech, probably because it looks too scary! But it is in the Remastered DVD.

The SDF-1 survives the explosion...

...because the SDF-1 was at the center of the explosion.

The Ontario region has a message for the SDF-1, and Global declines to hear it. In Robotech, he says he'll take the message in his quarters.

Hikaru tells Misa that Kakizaki died. Misa responds that at least everyone aboard the Macross survived.

Hikaru and Max return to the SDF-1.

After returning to the SDF-1, Hikaru is sitting in a lounge with Max. Both are devastated from losing Hayao. Hikaru then receives a phone call from Minmay, whose picture appears coincidentally right next to his phone.

Minmay fainted from exhaustion, and is recuperating in the hospital. Nice valkyrie toy!!

Minmay asks Hikaru to visit her in the hospital, since she visited him when he was injured. But Hikaru doesn't want to, and hangs up on Minmay!

Maybe it was because Minmay told Hikaru that Kaifun hasn't visited her yet? After hanging up the phone, Minmay hums and goes back to reading her magazine, not even taking a longer moment to wonder why Hikaru hung up on her, or bothering to call him back. This scene was omitted from Robotech.

That’s the second bursting point in this episode:  Hikaru just doesn’t feel as strongly as he did earlier for Minmay.

Next episode:  “Paradise Lost”


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