Macross TV Episode 20: Paradise Lost

In this episode, the SDF-1 is ordered to leave the Earth–what an appropriate title for the episode.  However, I also think the title describes how Loli, Conda, and Warera lost their paradise, too.  As we’ll see, they really like life in Macross City, and miss it.

Both the Macross version and the Robotech version re-cap events from the previous episode, but only the Macross version shows Hayao's death again, this time, in focus. Why didn't they use this shot in the previous episode?

Bodolzaa incorrectly thinks the barrier system explosion is a new weapon

Bodolzaa puts Britai back in command because of his experience with the miclones. Britai requests the Adoclass Fleet. In Robotech, it's the Imperial Class Fleet. Uhh, did the Robotech writers lift this from Star Wars?

The Adoclass Fleet has 1200 ships. In Robotech, the Imperial Class Fleet has over a million ships.

In a scene omitted from Robotech, while the SDF-1 receives supplies, two teenagers who are eating in front of "Macross Nalds" and look a lot like Misa and Hikaru guess that the SDF-1 will be taking off soon.

While "Zero-G Love" plays on the radio, Hikaru has trouble writing a letter to Hayao's parents informing them of their son's death.

In a scene omitted from Robotech, Hikaru tries to hand-write the letter, and just twirls his pen instead. Can you twirl a pen?

Hikaru imagines Hayao standing in his office. We'll miss you, too, Hayao. You provided a lot of comedic relief.

Max comes to Hikaru's office, and they take an elevator to an observation deck. We learn that Max got promoted to 1st. Lieutenant.

We also learn that the SDF-1 received replacement pilots from Earth forces, probably because many of the previous ones were killed in the barrier system explosion.

... and the replacement pilots are inexperienced.

Hikaru and Max watch a fancy military helicopter land, and expecting bad news, they take their minds off what's to come and instead enjoy the sunset.

Meanwhile, Loli, Conda, and Warera eat their last meal before returning to their battleships. They enjoy listening to Minmay while eating.

Conda remembers going to the disco with the bridge bunnies.

Warera thinks Kim is cuter than Minmay! I think there's an underlying message in what he says--that interacting with a real woman instead of Minmay the fantasy is so much better.

Loli remembers Shammy, and how she likes to say, "No way!"

Conda misses Vanessa. In Robotech, Conda doesn't mention Vanessa, and instead mentions that they'll all be back in uniform by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the bigwig who came on that fancy helicopter delivers orders to Captain Global. In Macross, the officer has a male voice, but in Robotech, the officer has a female voice to match that long hair.

The orders say to leave the Earth within 24 hours, or face military force.

Loli, Conda, and Warera use a Regult to return to Britai's ships. Where did they get the Regult, and how does a little Regult have enough booster fuel to make it out of Earth's atmosphere?

Global interprets the orders as meaning if the SDF-1 is destroyed, then ...

...there's an opportunity to open negotiations.

Britai speaks with Laplamiz

Britai heard about what happened to Milia. This was omitted from Robotech.

Britai and Exsedol hear the spies' report and examine items from Macross. Britai inspects a piano and then a refrigerator. Boy, Loli, Warera, and Conda must have had quite a workout getting all those items into the Regult!

Look at that pile of loot!

Warera explains that men and women are in constant contact.

Loli explains in contrast to Zentradi society, it feels good for me to be around women.

After their meeting with Exsedol and Britai, the spies duck into a room and show the other items they kept in their pockets.

... including one of Minmay's holo-discs. Now how did the record maker get that picture of Minmay? Did Minmay reveal what happened when she was with Hikaru?

The spies share candy with other Zentradi, who have never eaten it.

A Minmay doll sings "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot"

Meanwhile, back on the SDF-1, Captain Global announces on television that they've been ordered to leave the Earth.

Global explains that if they don't leave, they'll be forced to leave, and they could never fight against Earth forces.

Misa gets emotional during Global's announcement, as Kaifun and Minmay look on.

Minmay takes the floor

and calls the SDF-1 their home

Even the mayor feels better after Minmay's speech

To further ease people, Minmay sings a song

Even Kaifun consoles Captain Global

That background looks like Hong Kong

In Robotech, Minmay sings, "It's my time to be a star." What a selfish song to sing. Her song in Macross is way more appropriate.



Next episode:  “Micro Cosmos”


One response to “Macross TV Episode 20: Paradise Lost

  1. Thanks for the translation of the song that Minmay sings in this episode. In a show like this, where the music is such an important feature, it’s so much more meaningful to know what the lyrics are.

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