Macross TV Episode 21: Micro Cosmos

I wonder why the writers chose the title “Micro Cosmos” for this episode.  Perhaps it’s because we get a further glimpse into the inter-personal relationships in Macross City.  In Robotech, this episode is called, “A New Dawn”, which signals the beginning of a deeper relationship between Misa and Hikaru, and the very beginning of Milia and Max’s relationship.

At the beginning of the episode, we learn that Minmay finished filming her movie.

Minmay is by herself at the premiere party for her movie.

Jealous Janis fakes drunkenness, and tries to spill her drink on Minmay.

Minmay's expression is priceless.

Minmay gets a front-row seat for Hikaru by asking her manager, then calls Hikaru at his barracks. A receptionist takes a message, and Minmay gives her nickname, Nyan Nyan. In Robotech, she calls herself "his little lost friend."

Hikaru knows who Nyan Nyan is. He calls Minmay back, but doesn't reach her because she left her room. She was a little down that she couldn't reach Hikaru.

The next day, Milia gets in line at the movie premiere. She's all dolled up, wearing stylish clothes. Where did she get her clothes and make-up?

The movie's title is "Shao Pai Loon", or small white dragon.

Kaifun and Minmay arrive at the premiere in a limo.

Inside the theater, Minmay jokes with the director.

Minmay sings the theme song from the movie. In Robotech, she introduces the song as the theme song from the movie, but it's the "Stage fright, go away... This is my time to be a star" song.

Here's the movie's opening title, in a shot omitted from Robotech.

Aboard Britai's battleship, Loli, Conda, and Warera watch the movie along with their buddies. I guess the producers of the movie are not concerned about theater ticket revenues or piracy?

In the movie, Kaifun shoots a red lighting bolt at a giant genie, then with a kick, causes the giant to fall down.

Britai and Exsedol are watching the movie broadcast, and are shocked at seeing Kaifun's supposed powers. In Robotech, Britai calls it a "death ray".

The dramatic kissing scene in the movie

Hikaru can't stand the kissing scene, and leaves the theater.

The Zentradi react to the kiss.

Hikaru trips on someone's feet, and accidentally touches Misa's tush.

Ooh, what a retort!

Misa is embarrassed, and drags Hikaru away because their scene is reflecting badly on the military.

Suddenly, Shammy announces that the SDF-1 is transforming because of an enemy attack. The streets around the theater drop away.

Inside the theater, Max notices Milia for the first time.

Hikaru and Misa try to go to a shelter, but are trapped by the transformation. When Hikaru ignores Misa, Misa admits she's getting lonely. In Robotech, she says she gets insecure.

Misa and Hikaru talk about how good Max is

Hikaru asks Misa not to tell Max how good he is, because he may get over-confident. Misa is impressed with Hikaru's sounding like a real commander.

Max sneezes and realizes someone is talking about him.

When Hikaru asks what Misa was doing at the movie, Misa defends herself.

Hikaru is surprised that Misa isn't really a 100% robot.

Hikaru guesses that Misa is there to see Kaifun in the movie

Misa admits the truth about her past relationship with Riber.

More about Riber

Misa breaks into tears, and Hikaru gives her a handkerchief.

I really like this line of dialogue. It speaks to John Lennon's quote, "All you need is love."

Another good piece of advice. Live each day to its fullest.

Misa and Hikaru turn to each other, and they're just about to kiss, but are interrupted when the transformation reverts.

Cut to a shot of a street with damaged buildings and overturned cars.

Hikaru is about to buy Misa a cola from the machine, but Misa stops him

Misa offers to pay because she has a higher rank. In Robotech, she mentions she makes more than Rick.

Suddenly, Hikaru sees Kaifun and Minmay walking into a nearby hotel. Misa comments that nothing's going on between them because they're cousins.

But Hikaru knows better.

Hikaru is about to take off for the Prometheus, but Misa stops him by grabbing his hand. Aww...

Walking and holding hands...

I like this shot of Hikaru and Misa's feet. It shows that they're walking with the same foot forward--they're on the same page with each other.

Next episode:  “Love Concert”


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