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Macross TV Episode 28: My Album

Robotech calls this episode, “Reconstruction Blues”, focusing more on the post-war society that is rebuilding civilization on Earth.  In contrast, Macross calls this episode, “My Album”, focusing more on Hikaru’s photo album filled with Minmay’s pictures.

It's been two years since the final battle against Bodolzaa

While out on patrol, Hikaru finds an entire field of dandelions, outside any reconstruction zone

Hikaru remembers when he was much younger, running through a field of grass and dandelions, and chasing Roy flying a plane.

The Macross/SDF-1 looks pretty beat up

A new city has sprung up around the Macross, of course called Macross City!

Hikaru's place

We discover that Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place

Misa finds a photo album filled with Minmay pictures

In a fit of jealousy, Misa turns Hikaru's Minmay poster upside-down

In an imaginary conversation with Roy, Hikaru remembers he joined the military to protect women, especially Minmay. In Robotech, Roy says Rick will be flying for the safety of his loved ones.

Hikaru hears a Minmay concert in Grante City. In Robotech, it's Granite City.

Kaifun is the Emcee at the concert, and speaks out against the military

Minmay wears a more mature-looking dress

Hikaru joins the audience at the concert, and is glad to see Minmay

Meanwhile, Misa continues her jealousy

Misa sees Max and Milia with a new baby

And imagines having a family with Hikaru

After the concert, Kaifun is drunk and complains about not getting paid for the concert, even though they received a box of food

Kaifun looking too much to the bottle..

Minmay doesn't like Kaifun's behavior

Minmay wants to take a break from Kaifun

Meanwhile, some Zentradi have gotten some battlepods and are wreaking havoc. Misa is called in on her day off.

There are three battlepods attacking some city

Misa expresses her jealousy to Hikaru as Hikaru takes off to combat the battlepods

Misa gives Hikaru a hard time for putting his personal life ahead of his job

Kim and Shammy wonder why Vanessa got promoted and they didn't. In Robotech, Shammy tells Kim about how Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place, and how Hikaru "won't take her places".

Shammy feels she should've gotten the promotion

Hikaru's squad engages the battlepods. One valkyrie got its arm shot off

When Hikaru arrives, he commands that the pods stop. The pods' answer tells Hikaru he has to take more serious action.

Hikaru disables the pods, and the pilots flee

After returning to base, Hikaru finds Misa waiting for him

Misa plies Hikaru for his whereabouts

Misa gives Hikaru some photos of herself!

Global calls Hikaru in to discuss transferring all Zentradi to posts inside the Macross

The reason is that as more Zentradi uprisings occur, Global doesn't want Zentradi pilots fighting their own people. Hikaru's squad, for example, has some Zentradi pilots.

Minmay misses Hikaru

Hikaru wonders if Minmay and Kaifun aren't getting along. He says that they weren't like that a year ago. This thought is omitted in Robotech.

And so the stage is set for a post-war drama!  Whatever happened to Hikaru saying that if he and Misa were the only survivors, that wouldn’t be too bad a situation??

Next episode:  “Lonely Song”

Macross TV Episode 27: Love Flows By

This episode is one of my favorites.  Lots of action, lots of tense emotional moments, great Minmay songs, wonderful artwork, and some great cinematic shots.  Robotech calls this episode, “Force of Arms”.  I like the Macross TV episode title more, because it emphasizes what is at the core of this series:  a love story, not a war story.

The episode title is the title of one of Minmay's songs, which captures what true love is.

Here's an example of what I mean by great artwork. Milia hair and face have nice shadows. Her eyes are well-drawn, not those cross-eyed ones we saw when she attacked Max in the park.

Max's glasses have multiple reflections, and his hair has nice shadows, too.

In this shot, Hikaru looks almost like his DYRL persona. Here, under pressure of a seemingly undefeatable force, Hikaru runs up to Minmay and reveals his true feelings.

The truth finally comes out!

Hikaru cedes his defeat. In Robotech, he just says, "Farewell for now."

Nice close-up, lots of detail in Hikaru's hair, eyes, and hand.

Minmay's priceless reaction to what Hikaru just told her

We learn that the mecha aboard the Macross are being retrofitted with reaction warheads.

We see a three-man crew take off in a Konig Monster, which damages the floor with one step!

Another bridge bunny, who looks coincidentally like a mixture between Misa and Milia.

Minmay goes to Hikaru's quarters

Minmay's true feelings for Hikaru come out. I like the shading in this shot.

A short cut to show a portion of the main fleet along with Bodolzaa's mothership.

Yep, Hikaru, Minmay already chose Kaifun over you

I don't know if that would have made any difference, Hikaru.

Great shot, coordinating the dialogue with Hikaru's helmet. Nice shading on the helmet, too!

Hikaru and Minmay realize the truth

Another priceless reaction

Suddenly, the main fleet unleashes a barrage against the Earth, destroying everything on the surface

Minmay regrets that her parents are probably dead, and Hikaru regrets that Misa may be gone, too.

Hikaru asks Minmay to sing as part of a psychological attack against Bodolzaa's forces

Building on Hikaru's suggestion, Exsedol and Global request that Minmay kiss Kaifun in order to shock Bodolzaa's forces.

Apparently, the kiss is more effective than Minmay's songs.

Minmay agrees to the kiss

Alaska Base survived the Zentradi barrage, and fires the Grand Cannon, eliminating a huge swath of ships

Great shadows and lighting effect on Global's face here. Why didn't they build more than one Grand Cannon?

Loli, Conda, and Warera wish Minmay good luck in her performance

I like this detailed shot of valkryies with FAST packs and reaction missiles. Great shadowing and detail.

The Macross flies through the open swath created by the Grand Cannon

Minmay sings, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot" I like her dress in DYRL's final battle better--it's more elegant. The polka-dot skirt here seems a bit casual. In Robotech, Minmay sings, "We Can Win"

The Zentradi are shocked by Minmay's song. What's with the guy's long hair on the right?

Just before she kisses Kaifun, Minmay bids goodbye to Hikaru

Hikaru almost can't bear watching

Bodolzaa's fighters. Are those Nousjadeul Ger's?

Awesome sequence with Hikaru's valkyrie rotating while firing, and causing many explosions

Great shot of the Macross firing its missiles

Milia and Max in battroids with FAST packs and reaction warheads

After destroying a Zentradi cruiser with his reaction missiles, Hikaru gets hit by Zentradi missiles

Hikaru's FAST pack armor protects him from missile blasts. After being knocked unconscious, Hikaru detaches his armor, and flies towards the Earth.

Back on Earth, Misa's father dies from what seems like an explosion. We don't know why the Grand Cannon was damaged after it fired.

In a flashback, we see that Minmay and Hikaru kissed.

The explosions on Earth are like stars, giving an interesting backdrop to Minmay and Hikaru's kiss.

Hikaru says goodbye to Minmay after remembering their kiss

Hikaru hears Misa's broadcast

Kamjin decides to join Bodolzaa's forces.

Destroid Defender on Macross, and what looks like an armored VF-1A in the background.

Two Konig Monsters near the Macross bridge

We see Kaifun's parents in some shelter, and some curious-looking people in the background, including a man with sunglasses. This scene is omitted in Robotech.

Hikaru flies into Alaska Base, and with his lasers, opens a hole to a corridor where Misa is waiting.

Interesting how this scene wasn't presented in color

Hikaru and Misa fly through an explosion, which breaks the canopy's windshield.

Concentrating its pinpoint barrier on its main guns, the Macross breaks into Bodolzaa's mothership.

Bodolzaa, meet your nemesis!

Just like in DYRL, Bodolzaa's last words curse the Protoculture.

Macross fires its reaction warheads in all directions

The Macross then enables its barrier system

The reaction warhead explosions ripple through Bodolzaa's mothership

Bodolzaa's mothership explodes. Interesting how the explosion is portrayed almost like a liquid that spills spherically.

Misa thanks Hikaru for rescuing her, even though he disobeyed her order of not rescuing her because it was dangerous

Misa had a feeling Hikaru would come for her

Now, THERE'S a smile

Misa thinks they may be the only survivors

Hikaru speaks like a true romantic. Nice depth-of-field, with Misa blurred in the foreground.

Great close-up of Misa, sparkly eyes, nice shadows in her hair

Suddenly, Misa and Hikaru hear Minmay's singing on the radio!

Great shot of the Macross, with the sun behind it

Hikaru and Misa look like two teenagers driving a convertible!

Misa is SO happy to see the Macross again. Her face looks so much younger, and almost looks like Minmay's.

Hikaru and Misa fly back to the Macross

Great ending to this episode!  So many great shots/scenes!

Next episode:  “My Album”

Macross TV Episode 26: Messenger

With soldiers in Britai’s fleet in disarray, Exsedol embarks on a mission to meet with military leaders on the Macross in order to assess the situation.

Episode title. The artwork in this episode is MUCH better than that in recent episodes.

Britai's flagship approaches the Macross. Kamjin's forces begin an attack, but Britai destroys the small fighters.

Exsedol's Regult lands on the Macross

Colonel Maistroff greets Exsedol

Maistroff shakes Exsedol's hand.

Exsedol introduces himself as the Archivist. In Robotech, he introduces himself as Ministry of Affairs.

Maistroff and Exsedol are driven in a convoy through Macross City, and Exsedol sees a poster that shocks him

The expression on Exsedol's face is priceless

When Exsedol asks Maistroff what the woman is doing in the poster, Maistroff can't explain

Exsedol concludes the poster must be a military secret.

Exsedol then sees a see-through female uniform

Finally, when in the meeting room, Milia and Max enter

Milia greets Exsedol with a salute

Loli, Conda, and Warera enter the room, and all three are surprised to see Exsedol, who re-assures them he's not there to punish them

Exsedol asks for Kaifun, whom he thinks has super-human powers from the "Shao Pai Lon" movie.

Exsedol then asks for Minmay, the core of a psychological attack. Little does he know how he's embarrassing himself!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Misa sits in a row of operators. This aisle reminds me of the prison block in Star Wars where Princess Leia was held captive.

Misa's father visits her.

Exsedol explains that many Zentradi's will to fight is drained by Minmay's song.

Meanwhile, Laplamiz tells Britai she told Bodolzaa everything

Bodolzaa thinks the people of Earth are the protoculture.

Because Britai and Laplamiz's fleets have been in contact with the people of Macross, Bodolzaa considers them contaminated. Laplamiz agrees to fight with Britai, but Kamjin can't side with the Macross, and flies away.

Exsedol explains that Bodolzaa's main fleet consists of 4.79 million ships!

After everyone realizes the odds of winning are low, Milia re-affirms her commitment to Max. How sweet!

Misa's father reveals that the Macross will be used as a diversion

Knowing she will probably not survive, Misa would rather be alongside the people whom she's fought with. Misa's father denies her request, and threatens to throw her in the brig if she disobeys.

Exsedol shakes Global's hand, then requests that Minmay sing for everyone.

Minmay sings, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot", the song which Exsedol referred to. But I think the lyrics are not appropriate for the current situation! In Robotech, she sings, "To Be in Love".

The Zentradi main fleet arrives, and surrounds the Earth.

Next episode:  “Love Flows By”

Macross TV Episode 25: Virgin Road

Robotech calls this episode, “Wedding Bells”.  I guess that’s more appropriate, since this episode is about Max and Milia getting married.  But “Virgin Road” speaks to a path that both the humans and the Zentradi have not been on.

Opening episode title sequence, changed in Robotech to a montage of shots about Max and inserted right before we see the drummer during Max and Miriya's wedding.

Max, you should have chosen a more romantic spot for your first date, not a dark park!

How did Milia find out Max's name?

Milia introduces herself to Max.

Milia explains herself

It's tough facing someone who's better than you

Nice block, Max!

Max and Milia duel it out

Max forces Milia's knife out of her hands using his own knife

Milia admits defeat, again.

Max is captivated by Milia's beauty. In Japanese, he says, "Kawaii", a term often used in anime to mean pretty/cute.

I like this sequence where Max and Milia float into a standing position with their eyes locked looking at each other.

An artistic scene, reminding us of the knife duel that just happened, but now Max and Milia are kissing.

Oh yeah, someone eating steak in the mess hall aboard the Macross. Reminds me of the scene in the Matrix, where Cypher is eating a juicy piece of steak.

Max finds Hikaru at a table in the mess hall, and suddenly mentions marriage!

How did Milia get so convinced so quickly?

Hikaru's initial reaction

Maybe Milia knew she didn't want to be a soldier any more now that she found someone who was better, and saw an alternative life being married to her victor?

Hikaru is speaking from his own experience

Max retorts that Hikaru is too influenced by what happened with Minmay. Hikaru is speechless. This dialogue was omitted in Robotech.

Max introduces Milia to Hikaru. Doesn't Milia look like Musicaa in Southern Cross?

Hikaru is impressed by how "ladylike" Milia looks. In Robotech, Rick says he'll help Max kiss the bride!

Awesome wedding ceremony! In Macross, a wedding march tune plays, but in Robotech, there's a different tune.

Britai and Exsedol watch the wedding ceremony.

Britai is shocked

Britai can think only with a military mindset

John Lennon: "All you need is love"

Search in your heart, Britai. You know it to be true.

What a wedding cake!

After Global gives a speech about reaching out with peace to the Zentradi and accepting all Zentradi who seek asylum, Shammy and Loli hug.

Vanessa hugs Warera. Where's Conda? I thought Warera likes Kim?

Hikaru thinks of Misa, that their dream of peace has finally come true. In Robotech, Rick doesn't mention Lisa, but just says there will be peace throughout the entire universe.

Bodolzaa is scared about the effect culture is having on his soldiers.

Bodolzaa orders an all-out attack on the Macross and the Earth.

He wants to use the entire fleet to attack

Meanwhile, Minmay sings a new song at Max and Milia's wedding.

In Robotech, Minmay sings, "The Man in My Life"

The evolution of love in a relationship

Max and Milia listen to Minmay's song.

Hikaru listens to Minmay's song

Misa listens to Minmay's song. In Robotech, Lisa says, "Oh! Beautiful!", but in Macross, she says, "Ichijo".

Meanwhile, Britai's ships get ready to attack

Britai gets the official order to attack the Macross. Doesn't this Zentradi look like a Klingon?

Some Zentradi refuse to attack

A scramble alert sounds. Nice scene here, where we see Shammy, Vanessa, and Kim getting food

Even Max and Milia go into battle

Such an extreme statement! In Robotech, Max just tells Miriya it'll be dangerous.

Milia sure got out of her wedding dress quickly!

Milia asks Max to disable the Regults, not to destroy them

Max asks Hikaru to overlook his intentional misses, but Hikaru agrees with what Max is doing, and follows suit.

Some Zentradi want a cease-fire

Exsedol tells Britai the bad news

Britai calls off the attack

Milia needs to learn a lot about cooking!

She cooked the oil, literally.

Listening to the ruckus from Max and Milia's quarters, Hikaru thinks of Misa. In Robotech, Rick says Roy told him before he loves someone, he has to like the person first. He admits he likes Lisa.

Definitely some Star Wars influence here. Misa reacts to Hikaru's thoughts. Reminds me of when Darth Vader called out to Luke in Empire Strikes Back, right after their duel, and Luke could hear him.

Next episode: “Messenger”

Macross TV Episode 24: Goodbye Girl

In this episode, Misa departs for the Earth to convince her father to start peace negotiations with the Zentradi.  Robotech calls this episode, “Reckless”.  What does that describe?  I couldn’t think of anything that makes sense to justify that title.  Was Max being reckless in pursuing Milia?  Was Misa being reckless somehow?

Title screen. Macross's legs look a little short.

Misa didn't tell Hikaru about her mission yet

Max chats with a buddy before boarding his valkyrie (he's part of the escort team), and his buddy calls Shammy a klutz.

Max sees a valkyrie with FAST packs!

Misa calls Hikaru from her shuttle. Hikaru is not wearing his uniform because it's his day off.

Kamjin's forces attack Misa's shuttle

Because Shammy explains that it would take 20 minutes for normal valkyries to assist the shuttle, Global orders Hikaru to fly the Booby Duck, which is the valkyrie with FAST packs!

After Hikaru dispatches many Regults with his missiles and the battle is over, Hikaru and Misa chat on the radio

Hikaru shows his appreciation for what Misa has been doing

Hikaru compliments Misa as a great tactical officer.

Hikaru sends Misa a Morse-coded message

In Robotech, Rick also says he's grown fond of Misa, a line not in Macross.

Meanwhile, Milia plays a video game. She's got polished nails! How does she know how to polish her nails?

Misa's father waits for her to land. He looks at a family picture, and we see he has a nice valkryie model, too!

Hikaru sits in the dining hall by himself, moping.

Max decides to cheer up Hikaru by taking him to an arcade.

Here's the building facade for the arcade, which features Battroid Attack! The flashy facade and sign stands outside remind me of the Akihabara District in Tokyo.

Danny Choo blogs quite frequently about the Akihabara District, as in this recent post:

Inside the arcade, Max notices Milia. Yot-chan watches Milia. That kid knows where the action is!

Misa lands, and greets her father with a military salute.

Back in the arcade, the owners fret about Max and Milia's game machines being cleaned out of their coins because the aces are beating the machines.

Nice comedic relief. Why did the owner open an arcade knowing that soldiers would be playing there?

Misa's father examines Global's report. Here, we see that the Zentradi and human chromosomes are the same.

Almost identical? They are identical!

Misa asks her father to start peace negotiations with the Zentradi

While walking downstairs, Hikaru and Max watch Milia. Max declares that Milia is her type! In Robotech, he just says maybe he can play a video game with her.

Max asks Milia for a game, and Milia says only if Max bets his winnings. Max gladly accepts.

Milia commands her signature red valkyrie...

...while Max commands his signature blue valkyrie

Quite a crowd has gathered to watch Milia and Max's game.

Milia is quite aggressive in her thoughts against Max

Max thinks Milia is beautiful. This whole scene reminds me of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We have two birds of the same feather.

Max is checking out Milia, in a thought omitted in Robotech.

Max beats Milia by shooting her almost in the back, just like their actual battle earlier in Macross City.

Milia can't believe she lost.

This line speaks to how Milia has been living her life. In Robotech, she just says she can't be humiliated like this.

A guy in the crowd compliments Max.

In the game, Max's pilot figure gets a kiss from Minmay. The arcade machine itself reminds me of those Pac-Man table-top arcade games from the 80's. Those were the days! Who goes to arcades now when you can have a PS3, Xbox, or Wii at home?

Milia gets up and tries to leave, but Max grabs her hand and asks for her name and phone number.

Of course, Milia doesn't have a phone

Kind of late time for a date, don't you think? In this shot, we see Milia's nice long, slender fingers.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Misa's father tells her that the other officers are thining about how to begin negotiations.

Misa reminds her dad of Misa's mom. Misa's dad also asks if she's dating anyone, and Misa says no. However, in Robotech, Lisa tells her father about Rick.

Misa is shocked when her father tells her that they'll start negotiations after using the Grand Cannon to destroy Zentradi ships.

Doesn't this remind you of what happened in World War II?

Sounds like what Japan did in World War II when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

Misa's dad is probably right...

In a press conference, Minmay mentions that Hikaru was just a friend, not a boyfriend.

Another shocker: Kaifun is open to marrying Minmay!

Hikaru remembers a scene from the past, when Minmay was closer to him.

Claudia bumps into Hikaru in the park

Wake up, Hikaru. Actually, thinking about that, when you're young, you prioritize looks more than a potential match's being-right-for-you.

Claudia, that's because Hikaru doesn't want to yet.

Now a key piece of advice from Claudia...

Even though a couple can argue with each other, deep down, they love each other.

A key line omitted in Robotech

Very true, Claudia

Next episode:  “Virgin Road”.  So that’s how the Max/Milia VF-1D Virgin Road got its name!

Macross TV Episode 23: Drop Out

This episode is about Loli, Warera, and Conda defecting to the miclones in search for better (or alternative) lives than the war-is-the-only-option lives they’ve been living.  Robotech calls this episode, “Reckless.”

We resume where we left off during the last episode, where Hikaru fights battlepods that infiltrated the Macross.

Nice shot parallelizing the VF-1S battloid with its pilot.

Kamjin discovers the group of Zentradi who want to defect. He kills one of them, and they all flee.

Hikaru makes it to the concert hall, and sees Kaifun and Minmay

Kaifun then kisses Minmay!

Hikaru leaves before Minmay pushes Kaifun away.

Angry about Kaifun kissing Minmay, Hikaru charges the Regult battlepods. In Robotech, Rick says his only job now is to defend the SDF-1. In Macross, he says no such thing, other than "Damn it!"

Hikaru destroys most of the battlepods without a scratch!

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, the miclonized Zentradi defectors find a Minmay doll. I really like this shot: the Minmay doll is out of focus in the foreground

When Britai hears of the defectors, he orders that they be "temporarily confined", which of course, causes Kamji to balk

The defectors turn themselves into the military. Loli, Warera, and Conda meet with Captain Global, Misa, Max, and some officers. HIkaru gets called into the room.

When Hikaru asks why they want to defect, Minmay is one reason. Conda says another reason is that the miclones are the Protoculture.

Hikaru at first objects, but then sympathizes with the defectors

A truce is coming!

In the middle of the meeting, a science officer enters and gives Captain Global a report. After reading it, Global gives the report to Maistroff, who we saw earlier. The Zentradi genetic make-up is identical to that of human beings! This point is significant in why Macross is a masterpiece: we the audience can relate to the enemy! The Zentradi are not some alien race who disguise themselves as humans, as in the TV Show "V", and they're not bugs like in Macross Frontier.

Global makes the decision to accept the defectors. Maistroff and his buddy storm out of the room.Hikaru and Misa go to Nyan Nyan restaurant, and bump into Kaifun's parents. They tell Kaifun's parents that Kaifun and Minmay are in the hospital, and Hikaru offers to watch the restaurant while Kaifun's parents go to the hospital.

Hikaru and Misa clean up inside the restaurant. I like this scene--it shows that Hikaru and Misa can work together and do something as simple as clean up a room! Then Misa goes to make tea for the both of them.

While he waits for Misa to return, Hikaru sees Minmay's picture on a wall.

Misa returns with tea, and she and Hikaru talk about Kaifun and Minmay. Misa remembers her ex-boyfriend, Riber, who looks a lot like Kaifun.

Now here comes a relevation...

Misa lost interest in Kaifun after the spies' defection!

Misa tells Hikaru to tell Minmay how he feels about her, or Kaifun will win out. Suddenly, the air raid alarm sounds, and Hikaru heads back to Prometheus, while Misa returns to the bridge.

A straggling force of battlepods attacks. After the valkyries destroy all the battlepods, Misa strongly feels that the war should end as soon as possible, so they can stop all the fighting.

Misa asks Captain Global if she can go to UN Spacy headquarters and explain the latest situation regarding the defectors to the top military brass. Global approves. As Misa leaves, she just misses Hikaru.

Nice split-screen sequence here. In Robotech, Rick thinks to himself that he wants to ask Lisa out to dinner.

The episode ends with a very artistic still highlighting Hikaru and Misa.

Next episode:  “Goodbye Girl”