Macross TV Episode 23: Drop Out

This episode is about Loli, Warera, and Conda defecting to the miclones in search for better (or alternative) lives than the war-is-the-only-option lives they’ve been living.  Robotech calls this episode, “Reckless.”

We resume where we left off during the last episode, where Hikaru fights battlepods that infiltrated the Macross.

Nice shot parallelizing the VF-1S battloid with its pilot.

Kamjin discovers the group of Zentradi who want to defect. He kills one of them, and they all flee.

Hikaru makes it to the concert hall, and sees Kaifun and Minmay

Kaifun then kisses Minmay!

Hikaru leaves before Minmay pushes Kaifun away.

Angry about Kaifun kissing Minmay, Hikaru charges the Regult battlepods. In Robotech, Rick says his only job now is to defend the SDF-1. In Macross, he says no such thing, other than "Damn it!"

Hikaru destroys most of the battlepods without a scratch!

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, the miclonized Zentradi defectors find a Minmay doll. I really like this shot: the Minmay doll is out of focus in the foreground

When Britai hears of the defectors, he orders that they be "temporarily confined", which of course, causes Kamji to balk

The defectors turn themselves into the military. Loli, Warera, and Conda meet with Captain Global, Misa, Max, and some officers. HIkaru gets called into the room.

When Hikaru asks why they want to defect, Minmay is one reason. Conda says another reason is that the miclones are the Protoculture.

Hikaru at first objects, but then sympathizes with the defectors

A truce is coming!

In the middle of the meeting, a science officer enters and gives Captain Global a report. After reading it, Global gives the report to Maistroff, who we saw earlier. The Zentradi genetic make-up is identical to that of human beings! This point is significant in why Macross is a masterpiece: we the audience can relate to the enemy! The Zentradi are not some alien race who disguise themselves as humans, as in the TV Show "V", and they're not bugs like in Macross Frontier.

Global makes the decision to accept the defectors. Maistroff and his buddy storm out of the room.Hikaru and Misa go to Nyan Nyan restaurant, and bump into Kaifun's parents. They tell Kaifun's parents that Kaifun and Minmay are in the hospital, and Hikaru offers to watch the restaurant while Kaifun's parents go to the hospital.

Hikaru and Misa clean up inside the restaurant. I like this scene--it shows that Hikaru and Misa can work together and do something as simple as clean up a room! Then Misa goes to make tea for the both of them.

While he waits for Misa to return, Hikaru sees Minmay's picture on a wall.

Misa returns with tea, and she and Hikaru talk about Kaifun and Minmay. Misa remembers her ex-boyfriend, Riber, who looks a lot like Kaifun.

Now here comes a relevation...

Misa lost interest in Kaifun after the spies' defection!

Misa tells Hikaru to tell Minmay how he feels about her, or Kaifun will win out. Suddenly, the air raid alarm sounds, and Hikaru heads back to Prometheus, while Misa returns to the bridge.

A straggling force of battlepods attacks. After the valkyries destroy all the battlepods, Misa strongly feels that the war should end as soon as possible, so they can stop all the fighting.

Misa asks Captain Global if she can go to UN Spacy headquarters and explain the latest situation regarding the defectors to the top military brass. Global approves. As Misa leaves, she just misses Hikaru.

Nice split-screen sequence here. In Robotech, Rick thinks to himself that he wants to ask Lisa out to dinner.

The episode ends with a very artistic still highlighting Hikaru and Misa.

Next episode:  “Goodbye Girl”


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