Macross TV Episode 24: Goodbye Girl

In this episode, Misa departs for the Earth to convince her father to start peace negotiations with the Zentradi.  Robotech calls this episode, “Reckless”.  What does that describe?  I couldn’t think of anything that makes sense to justify that title.  Was Max being reckless in pursuing Milia?  Was Misa being reckless somehow?

Title screen. Macross's legs look a little short.

Misa didn't tell Hikaru about her mission yet

Max chats with a buddy before boarding his valkyrie (he's part of the escort team), and his buddy calls Shammy a klutz.

Max sees a valkyrie with FAST packs!

Misa calls Hikaru from her shuttle. Hikaru is not wearing his uniform because it's his day off.

Kamjin's forces attack Misa's shuttle

Because Shammy explains that it would take 20 minutes for normal valkyries to assist the shuttle, Global orders Hikaru to fly the Booby Duck, which is the valkyrie with FAST packs!

After Hikaru dispatches many Regults with his missiles and the battle is over, Hikaru and Misa chat on the radio

Hikaru shows his appreciation for what Misa has been doing

Hikaru compliments Misa as a great tactical officer.

Hikaru sends Misa a Morse-coded message

In Robotech, Rick also says he's grown fond of Misa, a line not in Macross.

Meanwhile, Milia plays a video game. She's got polished nails! How does she know how to polish her nails?

Misa's father waits for her to land. He looks at a family picture, and we see he has a nice valkryie model, too!

Hikaru sits in the dining hall by himself, moping.

Max decides to cheer up Hikaru by taking him to an arcade.

Here's the building facade for the arcade, which features Battroid Attack! The flashy facade and sign stands outside remind me of the Akihabara District in Tokyo.

Danny Choo blogs quite frequently about the Akihabara District, as in this recent post:

Inside the arcade, Max notices Milia. Yot-chan watches Milia. That kid knows where the action is!

Misa lands, and greets her father with a military salute.

Back in the arcade, the owners fret about Max and Milia's game machines being cleaned out of their coins because the aces are beating the machines.

Nice comedic relief. Why did the owner open an arcade knowing that soldiers would be playing there?

Misa's father examines Global's report. Here, we see that the Zentradi and human chromosomes are the same.

Almost identical? They are identical!

Misa asks her father to start peace negotiations with the Zentradi

While walking downstairs, Hikaru and Max watch Milia. Max declares that Milia is her type! In Robotech, he just says maybe he can play a video game with her.

Max asks Milia for a game, and Milia says only if Max bets his winnings. Max gladly accepts.

Milia commands her signature red valkyrie...

...while Max commands his signature blue valkyrie

Quite a crowd has gathered to watch Milia and Max's game.

Milia is quite aggressive in her thoughts against Max

Max thinks Milia is beautiful. This whole scene reminds me of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We have two birds of the same feather.

Max is checking out Milia, in a thought omitted in Robotech.

Max beats Milia by shooting her almost in the back, just like their actual battle earlier in Macross City.

Milia can't believe she lost.

This line speaks to how Milia has been living her life. In Robotech, she just says she can't be humiliated like this.

A guy in the crowd compliments Max.

In the game, Max's pilot figure gets a kiss from Minmay. The arcade machine itself reminds me of those Pac-Man table-top arcade games from the 80's. Those were the days! Who goes to arcades now when you can have a PS3, Xbox, or Wii at home?

Milia gets up and tries to leave, but Max grabs her hand and asks for her name and phone number.

Of course, Milia doesn't have a phone

Kind of late time for a date, don't you think? In this shot, we see Milia's nice long, slender fingers.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Misa's father tells her that the other officers are thining about how to begin negotiations.

Misa reminds her dad of Misa's mom. Misa's dad also asks if she's dating anyone, and Misa says no. However, in Robotech, Lisa tells her father about Rick.

Misa is shocked when her father tells her that they'll start negotiations after using the Grand Cannon to destroy Zentradi ships.

Doesn't this remind you of what happened in World War II?

Sounds like what Japan did in World War II when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

Misa's dad is probably right...

In a press conference, Minmay mentions that Hikaru was just a friend, not a boyfriend.

Another shocker: Kaifun is open to marrying Minmay!

Hikaru remembers a scene from the past, when Minmay was closer to him.

Claudia bumps into Hikaru in the park

Wake up, Hikaru. Actually, thinking about that, when you're young, you prioritize looks more than a potential match's being-right-for-you.

Claudia, that's because Hikaru doesn't want to yet.

Now a key piece of advice from Claudia...

Even though a couple can argue with each other, deep down, they love each other.

A key line omitted in Robotech

Very true, Claudia

Next episode:  “Virgin Road”.  So that’s how the Max/Milia VF-1D Virgin Road got its name!


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