Macross TV Episode 26: Messenger

With soldiers in Britai’s fleet in disarray, Exsedol embarks on a mission to meet with military leaders on the Macross in order to assess the situation.

Episode title. The artwork in this episode is MUCH better than that in recent episodes.

Britai's flagship approaches the Macross. Kamjin's forces begin an attack, but Britai destroys the small fighters.

Exsedol's Regult lands on the Macross

Colonel Maistroff greets Exsedol

Maistroff shakes Exsedol's hand.

Exsedol introduces himself as the Archivist. In Robotech, he introduces himself as Ministry of Affairs.

Maistroff and Exsedol are driven in a convoy through Macross City, and Exsedol sees a poster that shocks him

The expression on Exsedol's face is priceless

When Exsedol asks Maistroff what the woman is doing in the poster, Maistroff can't explain

Exsedol concludes the poster must be a military secret.

Exsedol then sees a see-through female uniform

Finally, when in the meeting room, Milia and Max enter

Milia greets Exsedol with a salute

Loli, Conda, and Warera enter the room, and all three are surprised to see Exsedol, who re-assures them he's not there to punish them

Exsedol asks for Kaifun, whom he thinks has super-human powers from the "Shao Pai Lon" movie.

Exsedol then asks for Minmay, the core of a psychological attack. Little does he know how he's embarrassing himself!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Misa sits in a row of operators. This aisle reminds me of the prison block in Star Wars where Princess Leia was held captive.

Misa's father visits her.

Exsedol explains that many Zentradi's will to fight is drained by Minmay's song.

Meanwhile, Laplamiz tells Britai she told Bodolzaa everything

Bodolzaa thinks the people of Earth are the protoculture.

Because Britai and Laplamiz's fleets have been in contact with the people of Macross, Bodolzaa considers them contaminated. Laplamiz agrees to fight with Britai, but Kamjin can't side with the Macross, and flies away.

Exsedol explains that Bodolzaa's main fleet consists of 4.79 million ships!

After everyone realizes the odds of winning are low, Milia re-affirms her commitment to Max. How sweet!

Misa's father reveals that the Macross will be used as a diversion

Knowing she will probably not survive, Misa would rather be alongside the people whom she's fought with. Misa's father denies her request, and threatens to throw her in the brig if she disobeys.

Exsedol shakes Global's hand, then requests that Minmay sing for everyone.

Minmay sings, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot", the song which Exsedol referred to. But I think the lyrics are not appropriate for the current situation! In Robotech, she sings, "To Be in Love".

The Zentradi main fleet arrives, and surrounds the Earth.

Next episode:  “Love Flows By”

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