Macross TV Episode 27: Love Flows By

This episode is one of my favorites.  Lots of action, lots of tense emotional moments, great Minmay songs, wonderful artwork, and some great cinematic shots.  Robotech calls this episode, “Force of Arms”.  I like the Macross TV episode title more, because it emphasizes what is at the core of this series:  a love story, not a war story.

The episode title is the title of one of Minmay's songs, which captures what true love is.

Here's an example of what I mean by great artwork. Milia hair and face have nice shadows. Her eyes are well-drawn, not those cross-eyed ones we saw when she attacked Max in the park.

Max's glasses have multiple reflections, and his hair has nice shadows, too.

In this shot, Hikaru looks almost like his DYRL persona. Here, under pressure of a seemingly undefeatable force, Hikaru runs up to Minmay and reveals his true feelings.

The truth finally comes out!

Hikaru cedes his defeat. In Robotech, he just says, "Farewell for now."

Nice close-up, lots of detail in Hikaru's hair, eyes, and hand.

Minmay's priceless reaction to what Hikaru just told her

We learn that the mecha aboard the Macross are being retrofitted with reaction warheads.

We see a three-man crew take off in a Konig Monster, which damages the floor with one step!

Another bridge bunny, who looks coincidentally like a mixture between Misa and Milia.

Minmay goes to Hikaru's quarters

Minmay's true feelings for Hikaru come out. I like the shading in this shot.

A short cut to show a portion of the main fleet along with Bodolzaa's mothership.

Yep, Hikaru, Minmay already chose Kaifun over you

I don't know if that would have made any difference, Hikaru.

Great shot, coordinating the dialogue with Hikaru's helmet. Nice shading on the helmet, too!

Hikaru and Minmay realize the truth

Another priceless reaction

Suddenly, the main fleet unleashes a barrage against the Earth, destroying everything on the surface

Minmay regrets that her parents are probably dead, and Hikaru regrets that Misa may be gone, too.

Hikaru asks Minmay to sing as part of a psychological attack against Bodolzaa's forces

Building on Hikaru's suggestion, Exsedol and Global request that Minmay kiss Kaifun in order to shock Bodolzaa's forces.

Apparently, the kiss is more effective than Minmay's songs.

Minmay agrees to the kiss

Alaska Base survived the Zentradi barrage, and fires the Grand Cannon, eliminating a huge swath of ships

Great shadows and lighting effect on Global's face here. Why didn't they build more than one Grand Cannon?

Loli, Conda, and Warera wish Minmay good luck in her performance

I like this detailed shot of valkryies with FAST packs and reaction missiles. Great shadowing and detail.

The Macross flies through the open swath created by the Grand Cannon

Minmay sings, "My Boyfriend Is a Pilot" I like her dress in DYRL's final battle better--it's more elegant. The polka-dot skirt here seems a bit casual. In Robotech, Minmay sings, "We Can Win"

The Zentradi are shocked by Minmay's song. What's with the guy's long hair on the right?

Just before she kisses Kaifun, Minmay bids goodbye to Hikaru

Hikaru almost can't bear watching

Bodolzaa's fighters. Are those Nousjadeul Ger's?

Awesome sequence with Hikaru's valkyrie rotating while firing, and causing many explosions

Great shot of the Macross firing its missiles

Milia and Max in battroids with FAST packs and reaction warheads

After destroying a Zentradi cruiser with his reaction missiles, Hikaru gets hit by Zentradi missiles

Hikaru's FAST pack armor protects him from missile blasts. After being knocked unconscious, Hikaru detaches his armor, and flies towards the Earth.

Back on Earth, Misa's father dies from what seems like an explosion. We don't know why the Grand Cannon was damaged after it fired.

In a flashback, we see that Minmay and Hikaru kissed.

The explosions on Earth are like stars, giving an interesting backdrop to Minmay and Hikaru's kiss.

Hikaru says goodbye to Minmay after remembering their kiss

Hikaru hears Misa's broadcast

Kamjin decides to join Bodolzaa's forces.

Destroid Defender on Macross, and what looks like an armored VF-1A in the background.

Two Konig Monsters near the Macross bridge

We see Kaifun's parents in some shelter, and some curious-looking people in the background, including a man with sunglasses. This scene is omitted in Robotech.

Hikaru flies into Alaska Base, and with his lasers, opens a hole to a corridor where Misa is waiting.

Interesting how this scene wasn't presented in color

Hikaru and Misa fly through an explosion, which breaks the canopy's windshield.

Concentrating its pinpoint barrier on its main guns, the Macross breaks into Bodolzaa's mothership.

Bodolzaa, meet your nemesis!

Just like in DYRL, Bodolzaa's last words curse the Protoculture.

Macross fires its reaction warheads in all directions

The Macross then enables its barrier system

The reaction warhead explosions ripple through Bodolzaa's mothership

Bodolzaa's mothership explodes. Interesting how the explosion is portrayed almost like a liquid that spills spherically.

Misa thanks Hikaru for rescuing her, even though he disobeyed her order of not rescuing her because it was dangerous

Misa had a feeling Hikaru would come for her

Now, THERE'S a smile

Misa thinks they may be the only survivors

Hikaru speaks like a true romantic. Nice depth-of-field, with Misa blurred in the foreground.

Great close-up of Misa, sparkly eyes, nice shadows in her hair

Suddenly, Misa and Hikaru hear Minmay's singing on the radio!

Great shot of the Macross, with the sun behind it

Hikaru and Misa look like two teenagers driving a convertible!

Misa is SO happy to see the Macross again. Her face looks so much younger, and almost looks like Minmay's.

Hikaru and Misa fly back to the Macross

Great ending to this episode!  So many great shots/scenes!

Next episode:  “My Album”

One response to “Macross TV Episode 27: Love Flows By

  1. My wife and I just watched this episode last night. Like you it is my favorite one of the series. Everything you say here is true, the story is great, the action is thrilling, and the artwork is top of the line. You chose great screen caps as always.

    I read somewhere that the mech you thought is a armored VF-1A is actually a mecha from Super Dimentions Century Orguss series thrown in as a tribute to the director, Noboru Ishiguro, who directed both Macross and Orguss.

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