Macross TV Episode 28: My Album

Robotech calls this episode, “Reconstruction Blues”, focusing more on the post-war society that is rebuilding civilization on Earth.  In contrast, Macross calls this episode, “My Album”, focusing more on Hikaru’s photo album filled with Minmay’s pictures.

It's been two years since the final battle against Bodolzaa

While out on patrol, Hikaru finds an entire field of dandelions, outside any reconstruction zone

Hikaru remembers when he was much younger, running through a field of grass and dandelions, and chasing Roy flying a plane.

The Macross/SDF-1 looks pretty beat up

A new city has sprung up around the Macross, of course called Macross City!

Hikaru's place

We discover that Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place

Misa finds a photo album filled with Minmay pictures

In a fit of jealousy, Misa turns Hikaru's Minmay poster upside-down

In an imaginary conversation with Roy, Hikaru remembers he joined the military to protect women, especially Minmay. In Robotech, Roy says Rick will be flying for the safety of his loved ones.

Hikaru hears a Minmay concert in Grante City. In Robotech, it's Granite City.

Kaifun is the Emcee at the concert, and speaks out against the military

Minmay wears a more mature-looking dress

Hikaru joins the audience at the concert, and is glad to see Minmay

Meanwhile, Misa continues her jealousy

Misa sees Max and Milia with a new baby

And imagines having a family with Hikaru

After the concert, Kaifun is drunk and complains about not getting paid for the concert, even though they received a box of food

Kaifun looking too much to the bottle..

Minmay doesn't like Kaifun's behavior

Minmay wants to take a break from Kaifun

Meanwhile, some Zentradi have gotten some battlepods and are wreaking havoc. Misa is called in on her day off.

There are three battlepods attacking some city

Misa expresses her jealousy to Hikaru as Hikaru takes off to combat the battlepods

Misa gives Hikaru a hard time for putting his personal life ahead of his job

Kim and Shammy wonder why Vanessa got promoted and they didn't. In Robotech, Shammy tells Kim about how Misa regularly cleans Hikaru's place, and how Hikaru "won't take her places".

Shammy feels she should've gotten the promotion

Hikaru's squad engages the battlepods. One valkyrie got its arm shot off

When Hikaru arrives, he commands that the pods stop. The pods' answer tells Hikaru he has to take more serious action.

Hikaru disables the pods, and the pilots flee

After returning to base, Hikaru finds Misa waiting for him

Misa plies Hikaru for his whereabouts

Misa gives Hikaru some photos of herself!

Global calls Hikaru in to discuss transferring all Zentradi to posts inside the Macross

The reason is that as more Zentradi uprisings occur, Global doesn't want Zentradi pilots fighting their own people. Hikaru's squad, for example, has some Zentradi pilots.

Minmay misses Hikaru

Hikaru wonders if Minmay and Kaifun aren't getting along. He says that they weren't like that a year ago. This thought is omitted in Robotech.

And so the stage is set for a post-war drama!  Whatever happened to Hikaru saying that if he and Misa were the only survivors, that wouldn’t be too bad a situation??

Next episode:  “Lonely Song”


2 responses to “Macross TV Episode 28: My Album

  1. ” Whatever happened to Hikaru saying that if he and Misa were the only survivors, that wouldn’t be too bad a situation?? ”

    Sometimes in the harsh light of everyday life the intense emotions and bonds once so fiercely felt in the heat of combat begin to cool. Promises are forgotten, ties become severed, friends and attachments are lost. It’s very sad but true nonetheless.

    …wow, I just bummed myself out. Time to go call some of my Iraq buddies.

  2. Is Hikaru sleeping with Misa? (With the promise of nothing else?) Why else would she clean his apartment? And think about raising a family? I know I’ve lowered myself into the depths of sillyness … BUT I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!

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