Macross TV Episode 29: Lonely Song

In this episode, post-war society is slowly changing, because an increasing number of Zentradi are getting fed up with civilian life, and want to return to war.  Robotech calls this episode, “Robotech Masters.”

In Robotech, and not in the Macross episode, we get our first glimpse at the Robotech Masters, who've detected the energy from the destruction of Dolza's mothership and main fleet. The Masters comment that an omni-directional barrier system overload could've destroyed Dolza's mothership. But wasn't it the reaction missiles that did?

A lone Zentradi soldier died out in the middle of nowhere...

...holding a Minmay doll.

We see a birds-eye shot of Macross City. What happened to the rest of the water?

Workers solder circuit boards

But more Zentradi are getting fed up with just working, and are leaving their jobs.

We hear a piano playing a Minmay song

Minmay comes on stage, and is shocked to see so few people in the audience

Minmay almost couldn't perform

Those are some pretty big tables with only four chairs per table. In Robotech, this sequence is reduced to Minmay's concluding her performance.

We learn that Kaifun and Minmay want to build their own concert hall

Minmay begins to doubt herself

Minmay and Kaifun leave for dinner in a futuristic car with four wheels in the front.

Meanwhile, Exsedol has been studying the history of the peoples on Earth, and the Zentradi

Exsedol re-states what we, the audience, already knew: the people of Earth and the Zentradi were descendants of the Protoculture

Exsedol concludes that both peoples enjoy waging war

Hikaru has an issue with Exsedol's choice of words

I think this guy makes a good point: people on Earth have throughout history waged war. I wonder what the artists meant to draw this guy's eyes with dark where there should be white, and white where there should be dark pupils

Hikaru thinks to himself that humans must never become like the Zentradi, only enjoying war.

Minmay wants to go eat dinner at Kaifun's parents, but Kaifun doesn't. After Minmay opens the car door when the car was moving, Kaifun offers to drop Minmay off on the outskirts of town. Once inside Nyan Nyan Restaurant, Minmay greets Kaifun's dad by sticking her tongue out.

Everyone is glad to see Minmay, even the mayor and his wife

Minmay goes upstairs to her old room, and sees the damaged ceiling corner where Hikaru's battroid had fallen.

Minmay pines for Hikaru

She finds Hikaru's medal in a drawer, and remembers how he gave it to her

Hikaru had thrown the medal from the street below up to her window. Minmay thinks she hears Hikaru's voice. She opens the window, but only hears the wind

The next morning, we see that Loli, Warera, and Conda have their own laundry business

Conda mentions that he heard Minmay is staying at Nyan Nyan. Suddenly, Warera sees Minmay walking towards them. He runs to her, and asks for her autograph on a customer's piece of laundry

Meanwhile, in another part of town, two Zentradi are looting, and run into the mayor and his wife

Hikaru is out jogging, and runs into Misa, and they both talk about worrying about the city because of the increasing number of disgruntled Zentradi

Minmay stumbles upon Hikaru and Misa, and overhears Hikaru telling Misa that he put her pictures in his photo album. Minmay starts crying, and Hikaru turns around and sees her. Minmay runs off, and Hikaru follows, but Minmay disappears.

Suddenly, Hikaru hears the two looting Zentradi and goes to them. Four Destroids arrive, having been summoned because the mayor's wife reported the Zentradi by calling the authorities

Hikaru attempts some diplomacy

One Zentradi asks to be sent back to the Zentradi forces so he can fight a war

The disgruntled Zentradi flicks Hikaru away with one finger, and the Destroids are about to open fire when Hikaru stops them. We see some regret in the Zentradi's face, and then he abruptly leaves.

Kamjin hears of the increasing number of Zentradi

Kamjin asks his loyal followers to bring other disgruntled Zentradi to him

Meanwhile, at Minmay's next concert, she tells Kaifun she wants to reinvent her singing

Minmay wants to sing songs for herself

Global instructs Max, Milia, Hikaru, and Misa that their next mission is to capture a Zentradi satellite that manufactures Zentradi spaceships.

Next episode:  “Viva Maria”, which refers to Max and Milia’s daughter Maria.  In Robotech, the episode is, “Viva Miriya” because in Robotech, their daughter’s name is Dana, as a lead-in to Southern Cross!


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